Brook Williams: Satirical Scriber And Animating Activist

Meet Brook Williams! She's a junior at the University of Utah, born and raised in Salt Lake City, and we cannot be any more excited to tell you about her passions for writing and making a difference for those in need! She is an active writer for the campus newspaper, the Daily Utah Chronicle, and she also just started her own business to help orphanages in Africa. I, personally, have the absolute pleasure of knowing this girl and I know that she's going to make the greatest impact on everyone she helps. Want to get inside this darling's mind? Read below! 

Daily Utah Chronicle

Her Campus: When did you start writing for the Utah Chronicle? 

Brook Williams: I started writing for the Chrony at the very beginning of this summer. So I’ve only been a part of it for three months. 

HC: What kind of articles do you write?

BW: I write for the Opinion tab so it’s super lenient - I can write about anything! It’s fun! I write about political opinions, my conspiracy theories, basically just any of my opinions! You can check out my articles here.

HC: Why did you want to write for the best news outlet on campus?

BW: I realized that I wanted to be a journalist and I love writing! I think it’s very meditative for me because I just get to sit down at a computer, drink my cup of coffee, and let it flow throughout me. My articles are more satirical, creative, funny, and I just have fun with it!


Her Campus: What does 'Okuta' mean?

Brook Williams: ’Okuta’ means ‘stone’. It’s also a place in Nigeria where there’s a lot of poverty.

HC: How does 'Okuta' work and what exactly are you doing with it?

BW: I make these real handmade leather bracelets that are imported from Turkey that I sell for $35. 15% of the profit I receive goes towards orphans in Nigeria, SOS Children’s Villages 

HC: Why did you decide to send some of your profits to the organization, 'SOS Children's Villages'?

BW: I’m a huge advocate! I want to help all of the orphans and I’ve always been interested in human trafficking. My biggest passion is ending human trafficking around the world and I think that sometimes orphanages mistreat the children there, and the orphans, typically, are the ones that are most vulnerable for human trafficking in third-world countries. It just makes me very nervous!

HC: What are your goals for 'Okuta'?

BW: This upcoming spring, I’m going to be selling a lot of my products at this market, Salt & Honey. I also have a Facebook and Instagram promoting the bracelets. Once I get more business, I want to give back to more orphanages and I also want to start pursuing funds to human trafficking preventions. I only started this two weeks ago, but I’ve made over thirty bracelets. A lot of TLC goes into them!

Random Student Questions

Her Campus: What is the best part about being a student at the University of Utah for you?

Brook Williams: I love how they’re so many different things that you can get involved in! I just want to do everything! I also love the library too because there is a bunch of diversity inside. Nature is also 100% the reason why I’m still stationed in Utah because this summer I would go hiking every other day, I would paddle board, climb, I’m just very outdoorsy!

HC: What's your favorite hike in Salt Lake City?

BW: Lake Mary!

HC: Where is your go-to nap spot on campus?

BW: I would probably do it in a room that's in the library!