Bret Helton '16

Name:  Bret Helton

Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO

Graduation Year:  2016

Major:  Entrepreneurship

Campus Activities:  Baseball

Relationship Status:  Single

Meet Bret Helton:

Describe yourself in 3 words.  Happy, excited and smiley.

What are three things you can’t live without?  Phone, computer, and music.

What's your dream job?  Pro baseball player (MLB).

What's your party anthem?  Well, it would have to be anything by Tsunami; it always gets me pumped!

Favorite food?  A Burrito from Chipotle.

What's your guilty pleasure TV show?  Revenge

What's your favorite late night snack?  Chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Who's your celebrity crush?  Jessica Alba.

Do you have any secret talents?  I can clover my tongue.

Boxers or briefs?  Boxer briefs!

What's your most embarrassing moment?  In high school some friends and I were playing basketball, and I was pantsed in a gym full of people. Good times.

Campus Life:

What’s your favorite class you have taken at the U?  Finance.

Best study spot?  My room. I don’t really study anywhere else. (Author's Note: Meeting me in the library was the first time he set foot into the library in a while.)

What's your best U of U memory?  My first start in baseball; on the mound.

Best place to meet girls?  Football games.

Dating Life:

Biggest turn on?  Confidence.

Biggest turn off?  Bad vibes.

What do you look for in a girl?  Someone who is a lot of fun, that I can enjoy to spend a lot of time with.  

Describe your ideal date.  Walking around some place scenic and cool.  

What’s your favorite pickup line?  “Hey feel this.” *girl touches shirt*, “You feel that? That’s boyfriend material."

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for a girl?  Well I wasn’t suppose to be able to make it to her graduation and she was a little upset about that. I rearranged things so that could make it. She was so surprised when she saw me there!

What's a girl trend you hate/don’t understand?  High waisted shorts.

U of U girls are the best because… They are absolutely gorgeous!