Breaking Down Bulk Shopping

Many of us in today’s modern world are looking for ways to become more environmentally conscious. Whether that be through utilizing public transportation or reducing our meat intake, there are many ways in which we can minimize our carbon footprint. One specific way is to lessen your plastic usage through bulk shopping. Bulk shopping is where you bring your own reusable containers to the store and fill them with whatever food you desire. Apart from reducing your plastic usage, there are several benefits to bulking. One major perk of bulk shopping is depreciating your grocery bill. When you bring your own container, you no longer have to pay for the packaging that most groceries come in. Along with spending less money on groceries, you are also wasting less food. You purchase only the amount of food you actually need as opposed to buying previously packaged goods, giving you free reign over exactly what you purchase. With all the benefits of bulk shopping, here are some beginner tips for learning how to shop in bulk.


1) Keep all of your plastic containers

We all know that plastic is everywhere. If you end up purchasing large plastic containers, wash them out thoroughly and keep them for bulk shopping. They can be easily weighed and prevent you from having to buy your own containers.

 2) Weigh your containers 

Weighing your containers before filling them with food is essentail. The weight of the container without anything in it is called the tare weight. When checking out, cashiers subtract the tare weight in order to only charge you for the food you are purchasing.

3) Bring a Sharpie

Writing down information while bulk shopping is the key to success. You have to write down the product code (you find this on the front of the dispenser) and the weight of the product. Writing down these simple pieces of information make the checking-out process much smoother.

4) Have Recipes in Mind

Although this is not required for bulk shopping, it can make the plethora of choices seem a bit less intimidating. You know exactly what you are shopping for and exactly how much you need to acquire.

That’s it! Bulk shopping may seem frightening at first, but it is simpler once thorougly explained. By reducing your plastic usage through bulk shopping, you can be confident in your positive contribution towards the environment. Have fun trying out bulk shopping, and don’t forget your reusable grocery bag!



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