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Boyfriend Jeans: A Must Try

I recently overcame my fear of boyfriends – boyfriend jeans, that is.  Standing at a whopping 5’3 I was always intimidated by boyfriend jeans.  I always felt that they wouldn’t fit me properly because I was too short to wear them.  A few weeks ago, I mustered up some courage and took a pair into the fitting room.  I ended up falling in love.  How had I gone so long without even trying these on to see if they fit?!  Ever since, I realized that you could make boyfriends work no matter what height you are! They have become one of my go-to pieces.

When it comes to fashion, I am a huge fan of versatile pieces.  I have realized that my most coveted items are ones that I am able to wear casually to class, but also dress up at night.  Boyfriend jeans are extremely versatile and should be every girl’s must-have item.  Not to mention that they are super comfy and easy to wear with just about anything. 

Boyfriends are great for fall and can be dressed up or dressed down very easily.  When I am running late for class and want a cute, yet casual look, I thrown on some boyfriends, a graphic tee, a cardigan, and a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. 

Going out after class?  Need something a bit dressier?  Swap the sneakers for a cute wedge or bootie, and trade the cardigan for a leather moto jacket.

The moral of the story is that you should never be afraid of boyfriend jeans.  This boyfriend is one that will always there for you, no matter if it’s day or night.

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