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Chocolates? How About a Box of Crystals? Your Valentine & Galentine Gift Guide

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It’s that time of year again, gals and pals — Valentine’s Day! A day not only for couples, but for single gals and pals to unite! Ever heard of Galentine’s Day?

Well, to celebrate this joyous holiday, I’ve brought together a selection of some of the sweetest and most special Valentine and Galentine gift ideas from brands, designers, and shops I love. Yes, you’ve got the roses, but did you get the Rose Quartz candles? What about some cozy booties for snuggly nights in with friends and hot cocoa? And let’s not forget a pair of sexy lingerie and self-love bath salts for ourselves? Hello people!?

Okay… Well, here they are. The ultimate Valentine gifts for your partner, lover, friend, or yourself!

Moonlight Jewels Co.

Who doesn’t love a box of crystals? Sure, everyone loves a box of chocolates, but it’s so predictable! Now… let’s say instead of a box of chocolates, your partner receives a heart-shaped box of crystals instead!

I adore Moonlight Jewels Co. and their beautiful selection of crystals, jewelry, and candles. Their Crystal Heart Box is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. This brand is the perfect choice for a V-Day gift for a partner, friend, or yourself. The Crystal Heart Boxes would be a hit at any Galentine party. Perhaps you desire some Self-Love Bath Salts or Rose Quartz + Rose Bath Oil for yourself? My choice this year is their Rose Quartz Candles — they have a 50 hour burn time! According to Moonlight Jewels Co, their “candles are made from the finest, high grade ingredients including natural soy wax and high quality fragrances that are free of parabens and phthalates.” And their products are made with both love and intention! What’s not to love about that?

My Moonlight Jewels Co. package came neatly wrapped, with some cute bonus crystals for extra healing and love! Ordering a box for your loved one may just bring loving and healing vibes to your partner and yourself! That is, if you keep one of the candles for yourself too… Shhhh! I won’t tell.

Adore Me

Do you adore your lingerie collection? Are you looking to add more silky undies and lace bras this Valentine’s Day?

Well, Adore Me’s lingerie selection is truly a sight to behold. No need for nudity when you can be adorned with pink lace and red silk. Well… actually nudity is good too. You know what, do both! 

This brand is both highly affordable and luxurious yet, of course, super sexy. I highly recommend their Averly Unlined set. I have it in a beautiful pale pink and it’s easily one of my new sexiest and softest pieces. Speaking of soft, I also wear my Lainey lounge set often as it’s comfy to sleep in too!

If you want more lace, I recommend their Roanne set or their Heathyr Push up one piece. If you’re looking to go all out for Valentine’s Day with a corset and pearls, I’d take a peek at their Aurora Unlined corset and their Aster Pearl Thong. Talk about feelin’ sexy!

Reflection Cakes

Do you like cakes? Do you like flowers? Instead of buying your loved one a cake and flowers, buy them a cake vase full of flowers instead! What am I talking about you may ask? I’m only talking about the amazingness that is Reflection Cakes! This shop makes purses, vases, mirrors, and boxes that are realistically designed like cakes! 

I had a custom order made that was a cake vase! Now my flower’s can sit in something arguably prettier than them! Seriously, if you want to get your valentine something special, I recommend any of their handcrafted pieces in their shop. How about a beautifully decorated cake jewelry box? Or a chocolate cake with raspberries purse

All of these gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces are designed and made by pastry chef Camryn Padilla. As she notes, she uses her “creative tools toward something others all over the world can enjoy”. So you can always request a custom order to fit any gift idea or type of cake you’re after. 

She’ll be sure to make a fake cake that looks so good, your Valentine may just accidentally eat it.


Now it’s time for one of my favorite brands — MOU! If your partner wants something luxurious for the cold winter months or your best friend is looking for stylish shoes to add to their wardrobe, then MOU is right for you! Hey, that rhymed!

I love this brand because of their comfortable and stylish footwear. I always say, it’s like you’re walking on a cloud… I’d check out their ankle booties, tall booties, and sneakers for February, and when summer comes around, you definitely have to take a look at their gorgeous sandal and clog collection. 

I’ll be wearing the Eskimo 24 booties in their gorgeous cognac color this month. These are your go to pair when those six inch heels just aren’t working out in those six inches of snow! Besides, these booties will make you feel like you’re walking on a warm snow cloud instead! 

Monica Vinader

Every girl loves a great piece of jewelry, so why not spoil her with elegant pieces from Monica Vinader? This is one of my all-time favorite jewelry brands for classic gold designs. Their gold pieces are my ultimate favorite!

Perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, I love their Woven Heart Locket Chain Necklace. The piece has a great, not-too-heavy weight and the adjustable chain allows it to sit beautifully along the chest. Wrapped in a gorgeous coat of 18ct gold vermeil, this locket is also customizable when you order! You can have a sweet message to your love engraved inside the locket, or put a heart-shaped photo inside as well. 

I love pairing my locket with the Alta Textured Chain Necklace, as I think simple gold pieces look even more stunning when layered. Because this chain is textured, it also gives off a magical sparkling effect. Hearts and sparkles? The perfect duo.


So, what about a fashionable outfit to wear for Galentine’s Day? If you want to gift your best friend or yourself some stylish attire for your fun day out then I recommend Chaser. One of their best-sellers is their graphic tees — a perfect gift option for a friend! I love their Blondie Poster Tee, as its pink hue is a perfect V-Day look. 

I also have to recommend their Waverly Maxi Dress in blue as well as the Mullen Midi Skirt for a flirty, casual look. Their pieces are so comfortable and easy to pair with anything in my closet — especially their graphic tees!

And their Spring collection is a must if you need more gift or style ideas when those flowers start to bloom. According to Chaser, the Spring 23 collection was “inspired by California culture and my lifestyle in Venice Beach. The styles, fabrications, and prints have a 1970’s retro influence including daisy florals, breezy watercolor stripes, denim inspired indigo washed knits, linen staples, and bright colored terry cloth styles to pair back with cozy knits meant to be worn to the beach for sunset to a night out with friends. We are excited to introduce new fabrications that feel elevated but still represent Chaser with butter soft hand feels and effortless silhouettes meant to chase the sun in!” Ah, I can’t wait for those warmer days in the sun… But, might as well enjoy Valentine’s Day ice skating instead?

Canadian Classics

With cold weather still upon us, we can’t forget our jackets! But why not spend your snowy ice-skating date in a coat that is not only warm and comfortable, but stylish! Canadian Classics is highly recommended if you want to purchase a coat that lasts. Their long coats and puffer jackets are made to survive those snowy months all while looking luxurious in the process. So often we use up our average winter coats as they only seem to be good for a year or two – then you need to buy a new one. But Canadian Classics’ jackets are designed and made brilliantly so they last for years to come – mine is so so cozy.

I recommend my classic Eugenie Long Coat. According to Canadian Classics, “it has a 100% satin nylon finish and the filling uses 100% polyester. Tuck your hands in the side zipped pockets and put up the integrated hood when the wind is whipping around your ears. The pièce de la resistance is the extendable zip each side to give extra room if you have on something thick on underneath.” Perfect for when I’m wearing those oversized sweaters under my coats !

For Valentine’s Day I also recommend their Summer Lynette Recycled Glamour, their Susan Madreperla jacket, or their Summerside jacket in their pink shades for a feeling of comfort and romance!

TAI Jewelry

Need more fantastic jewelry options? Perhaps your partner or friend adore astrology or tarot reading? Well, TAI Jewelry not only has beautiful classic jewelry pieces, but unique designs that center around astrology and tarot cards! I’m mainly talking about their gorgeous Tarot Necklaces. Their The Lovers Tarot Card Necklace is absolutely stunning and would make the perfect Valentine Gift if your partner is into all things witchy and tarot.

According to TAI Jewelry: “The Lovers Card represents conscious connections and meaningful relationships, both romantic and platonic. It highlights the importance of open and honest communication to remind us of the strength in vulnerability.” And the necklace has a beautiful mother of pearl inlay – so that red heart in the center will really stand out with that gorgeous pearl background.

Other recommendations that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day? TAI Jewelry has a lot of stunners in their Valentine Gift Guide, but my other favorites are their Heart Shaped Cz Stud With Enamel Bezel, Pyrite Pavé Heart Beaded Bracelet (perfect for Galentine’s day as well!), and their Turquoise Bezel Set Heart Pendant Necklace.

Saltwater Luxe

Okay! Last but not least, it’s time to find a gorgeous Valentine’s Day dress to wear out on your romantic date. What will it be? Need a little help?

If you’re looking for a stunning sweater dress to wear out, I would go for Saltwater Luxe’s Louie Midi Dress. You could pair this cozy dress with a layering sweater (matching one here!), cardigan, or jacket. Their Charmed Sweater is a perfect V-Day sweater to pair with dresses too as it’s adorned with darling pink hearts.

Their Spring collection is so amazing that it’s best to check out any piece from there for shopping or gift ideas. According to the brand: “The Saltwater Luxe Spring Collection is inspired by all things pretty and romantic, perfect for any occasion – especially weddings and festivals. The goal was to create something beautiful and timeless – something that would carry you from one sun-kissed adventure to the next.” And we’re just getting started! What other gifts could you give that are perfect for those upcoming Spring days?

If you like the look of a classic black dress, there’s the Memphis Midi Dress which will be completely ideal when the warmer weather comes back. Or, if you want to stick to that pink valentine theme, the Sharice Midi Dress is stunning for date night. Saltwater Luxe is one of my favorite brands because of their quality and versatile looks, so honestly any piece from their website is going to be a good choice for Spring or Valentine’s Day!

Well, there you have it! My favorite gift ideas to get for your partner, gal, pal, or yourself! Will you be gifting to someone else? Or yourself? Might as well skip the box of chocolates and grab a box of crystals, light that candle, put on a movie, adorn yourself in gold lockets, your new graphic tee, and relax this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget the blankets and popcorn! The crystals aren’t edible… same with the fake cakes…

Michal Mitchell is freelance writer and graduate from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in English. Her passions include, writing poetry for her "10 Minute Poetry" column, fiction, screenplays and delving into a Chopin Étude every now and then. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she seeks solace in the ventures of her mind. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for poetry, celebrity interviews, fiction, articles, or to commission her for an article.