Block Your Ex, You Deserve It!

I am the bigger person. I’ve always had to be the bigger person. But when I saw an amazing Facebook Post by the wonderful Lilly Singh about not having to be the bigger person, my life was forever changed.

When my last relationship ended back in January, I avoided social media altogether. I didn’t want to see pictures, posts, or even see his name pop up. However, I didn't unfollow all his accounts because I was "being the bigger person." I just didn't look at any of his accounts in hopes that I wouldn’t have to see him; you know what they say… out of sight, out of mind. This way, he didn’t know that I wasn’t seeing his postings anymore. And I could go on with my life as if he never existed.

It wasn’t until a close friend of both of ours proceeded to stalk him for me to later tell me that he had unadded me on all social media. I was shocked. Why didn’t he have to be the bigger person? Why did he just get to unclick me out of his life? It felt like the breakup all over again. Until I saw the post that changed my life.

To start, Lilly Singh tells readers that unfollowing someone does not make you weak, which was groundbreaking for me. I had this preconceived notation that if I unfollow somebody it means that they ‘won.’ It means that they are better than me. My favorite thing she said was: “Unfollowing someone on social media doesn’t make you rude or weak. It makes you a person who unfollowed someone on social media. It’s that simple. And if there’s a concern that “the person will find out,” so what? You’ve done absolutely nothing to harm them.” Mind blowing. I know.

What I love the most about it is her boss attitude, which if you know who Lilly Singh is, then you know she lives by that word. Literally. Go get her new book How to Be a Bawse.

Moral of the article is, you can unfollow your ex or ANYONE from your life that you don’t want to see their postings. If it’s a person who doesn’t influence your life in a way that’s positive, why do you need to be constantly reminded of how “wonderful” their life is? Go through your social media and do some spring cleaning. Get your friends list in order.