The Best Touchdown Celebrations of the Season

I’ve always enjoyed watching football, but I don’t get too attached or know any of the plays so I tend to loose interest around the 3rd quarter. That is, until a couple of years ago when players were getting fined for “over celebrating” aka being stoked on life and proud that they got some points for their squad. Since then, the players have been getting ~extra~ creative on their celebrations to stay within the limits of the NFL, and it has become quite the show.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here are the best celebrations of the 2017-2018 season, rated.


Team: Eagles  Player: Torrey Smith  Moves: Baseball Homerun

Score: 4.5     Proving his well-rounded athleticism while getting the whole team involved is always a bonus.


Team: Ravens  Player: Alex Collins & Offensive Linemen  Moves: Tug of War

Score: 3.5


Team: Browns   Player: Rob Gronkowski   Moves: Atomic Spike

Score: 3.5    The move itself doesn't sound very cool, but that man's form in this toe-touch is borderline cheer team worthy. 


Team: Vikings   Player: Adam Thielen   Moves: Leapfrog

Score: 4    Another childhood classic. This team must really trust each other because if I had #65 jumping over me like that, I would be terrified. 


Team: Eagles   Player: The Entire Offensive Team  Moves: Human Bowling

Score: 5   This might be my all-time favorite. The video is worth watching. #17 really got these grown ass men to stand straight up like bowling pins and then fall over. Comedy central is taking over the NFL, one touchdown at a time.


Team: Chiefs  Player: Alex Smith   Moves: Potato Sack Race

Score: 3   Childhood games are really making a comeback for these boys. Bonus points for the guy in the middle with the world's most dramatic mid-race fall. 


Team: Viking   Players: Offensive Team    Moves: Thanksgiving Dinner

Score: 2  A seasonal favorite, I'm sure, but not really applicable to an every game touchdown.


Team: Steelers   Players: Smith-Schuster & Le’Veon Bell    Moves: Hide-and-Seek

Score: 2.5   Not their best work, but still on brand with the recess game comeback 2k18.


Team: Steelers    Player: Le’Veon Bell     Moves: The Bench Press

Score: 1    We get it, you lift bro.


And there you have it, a comprehensive list of the second best reason to watch football. (The first is obviously looking at their bums in those exceptionally tight pants.) So next season, hang with the boys and watch those teams shoot the puck into that goal for a homerun- and then watch them dance about it.

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