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Best Study Places and Spaces On-Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Finding the perfect study space is key factor in succeeding academically in college. Although, it may be difficult to find the ideal study space that fits your needs as a student. Luckily, there are many hidden study spaces on-campus that are just waiting to be discovered! Whether you enjoy a quiet, peaceful environment, a loud, collaborative setting, or even a more unconventional study spot, the U definitely has something for you!

Quiet Places

Empty classrooms/labs in the J. Willard Marriott Library: When there are no classes using these rooms, they are a great place to study in peace and quiet. In these areas, you most likely will not be disturbed by anyone. This is a perfect place to get all your studying done if you need complete isolation and quietness. Although keep in mind, groups have priority!5th floor in the David Eccles School of Business: At the business building, you can go to the front desk and reserve a private conference room. By doing this, it ensures solitude and you’ll be free of any potential disturbances. In the conference rooms, there are white board walls where you can sketch any kind of notes or diagrams to enhance your solo study sesh!

Collaborative Spots

Lassonde Studio: Being the newest addition on campus, this is a great place to study in an open space among other people. If you’re one to actually enjoy background noise while studying, this is the place for you. The hustle and bustle of the open garage space makes for some great background noise. The main floor is open to the public from 7am to 1am and provides a printer, large tables, booths, comfy couches, and a cafeteria for quick snacks or full-on meals!

Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts & Education Complex building: This one is on my ‘places to study’ list. Although it isn’t a very large space, it has a very bright, energetic vibe to it that really motivates productivity. The white, plastic tables and large windows will be sure to keep you awake and energized to get stuff done. There is also a mini cafeteria nearby to avoid ‘hanger’ while doing work.

Unconventional Spaces

Student Life Center:  Here’s a place where you can be the ideal productive and efficient college gal by squeezing in a study sesh then finishing off the day with a quick workout (I aspire to be her someday). At the Student Life Center, there are plenty of tables to study at. Not to mention the huge windows that allow for white, natural lighting. There is also a mini cafe that serves healthy smoothies and snacks which are great brain food.

Sky bridge in between the Chemistry and Biology building: Lastly, this area is a cool spot to settle for studying. Besides the good lighting and quiet space, the sky bridge is a great way to change up your scenery while trying to get some work done. My favorite aspect of this place is the wall decal of plant cells on the windows. This adds an interesting view to gaze at in between homework breaks!

I’d definitely recommend trying out a few of these places, for they are the best picked study spots in the eyes of many University of Utah juniors and seniors! Again, it is very important to find the best study space that works for you. So, go out and try some of these places or even explore some hidden gems on your own. 

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor