Best Plants for College Students

Many people love to decorate with plants, but busy schedules and other distractions make it difficult to keep plants alive. Succulents are pretty and trendy but can be more difficult to take care of than people believe; they have to be watered enough, but not too much, and are picky about the environment they’re kept in. There are plenty of plants that fill the need for some nature in your apartment or dorm, and are also hard to kill.

A pothos is a plant with green waxy leaves that grows quickly and pretty much anywhere. It thrives in low light, so it doesn’t need to be kept near a window. Low light makes the leaves dark green, but if placed by a window, it will adapt and start producing vibrant yellow stripes throughout the leaves. It also doesn’t need to be watered often, and actually prefers the soil completely drying out before being watered again, so you can forget about it for weeks and it will still be happy.

Snake plants have long slender leaves that are green with yellow stripes through them. These also thrive in low light environments, which makes them perfect for decorating dorms. These plants also need to dry out between waterings, and in the winter should only be watered about once a month. So, you can even forget it over the break, and it will still be growing by the time you get back. These grow quickly, so a small cheap plant can turn into a bigger plant and help you grow your indoor garden.

Ivy is another pretty green plant that grows quickly and pretty much anywhere. Ivy does best in bright areas, so this is a good plant to keep by a window and possibly hung in a basket. This plant requires good drainage, and again needs to dry out before being watered again.

Aloe Vera can be considered a succulent, so it still has that trendy look without being hard to take care of. Aloe Vera is a good plant to grow in your bathroom because it can grow with artificial light, and does well in warm and steamy environments. So, every time you shower, you’ll help the plant! These need to be watered a little more frequently, about every three weeks.

These plants are a great starter for anyone who wants to spruce up their apartment with some vibrant leafy plants. They can be forgotten, rarely watered, and survive in little light, so even with a busy class and work schedule you can keep them alive. And if these still don’t work out, Target has great fake plants that have the same look!

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