The Best Parts of Sundance 2019

This year was my first year fully attending the Sundance Film Festival. Even though I have lived in Utah my entire life, it has always just been something that I heard about and never participated in. And let me tell you, I was definitely missing out! 

Her Campus Utah was lucky enough to get press passes this year! We are SO grateful we were able to cover an event on such a large scale and are proud of the articles we have written so far and will continue to publish. Here are some of the best parts of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

1.The movies of course!

First things first, Sundance IS a film festival, so we have to talk about the movies. We were able to see lots of movies this year and got to experience all the elements the festival had to offer. From having real tickets, to waitlisting, and press and industry screenings, it was a great time. This year there were the most female-directed movies at Sundance ever, so we made sure to support those films as much as possible. 

2. The winter wonderland atmosphere

Park City Utah is a beautiful place. The drive up from Salt Lake City is magical with all of the snow and leftover Christmas lights. Walking up and down main street is a must even if you are just there to take it all in!

3. Seeing all of the celebrities!

When in Park City for Sundance you are bound to see some famous people. They are everywhere walking down main street so we definitely saw a few good ones! But sadly, no Zac Efron was seen by the Her Campus Utah team. We searched, and searched but didn't succeed.

4. The inspiring panels

Because we had press passes, we were able to go to lots of insightful panels. Most of the ones that we chose to attend were based on women in the film industry, and discussed how everyone (men and women alike) needs to work harder, so that we are truly all equal. 

5. The fashion 

Most people at Sundance are from either New York or Los Angeles so let's just say... the fashion is always on point. People are out there taking true fashion risks. Our team also rocked some killer looks, and we were loving the mountain-chic attire. 

6. Most importantly… the people!

We were able to meet some AMAZING people at Sundance this year. It feels like all of the people that are good and interesting come out to Utah to experience all of the creativity that the festival has to offer. People were talkative in line, shared their snacks during movies and were always down to chat about what they thought about the movies! I truly never felt alone

Sundance 2019 was a success for the Her Campus Utah team! If you get the chance to go next year, it is definitely something you won't want to miss. 

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