The Best Looks of Black Panther

Black Panther is the ground-breaking new superhero movie that has grasped the world’s attention and adoration. The film, which has an almost entirely black cast (revolutionary in general, but particularly for a Marvel blockbuster) confronts colonialism and the oppression of black folks worldwide. It is a brilliant depiction of the rich cultural, economical, technological powerhouses African countries may have grown to be, if they had not been assaulted by colonialism. And this movie is filled not only with cultural relevance and importance, it is filled with some absolute LOOKS. Seriously, this film has some of the best costuming I’ve ever seen thanks to Oscar nominated Ruth E. Carter. Full of bold vibrance, and culture, here are my personal favorite looks from Black Panther

If sherpa denim jackets weren't already a thing, Michael B. Jordan would have just invented them. I mean come on? The jacket with the jeans, and chains, and the glasses? I am having heart palpitations just thinking about it again. And then to couple it all with an art museum? I'm convinced Marvel is trying to kill me. But really, this is a fantastic casual look, a simple but interesting jacket paired with a long white tee, slouchy black jeans, black boots, simple gold chains, and the aforementioned glasses. And it can be slightly modified for a more fitted feminine if that's more your speed. It's cool and sexy, and not just because it's on Michael B.Both of these looks are so fierce and gorgeous. (Quick side note: Lupita Nyong'o is flawless and looks like a queen in everything), but let's start with the suit here. This is such a trendy take on a classic suit and all it takes is a couple modifications. Here we see a black button-up as opposed to white, this creates a sleeker look by not breaking up the jacket and pants. Boseman opts out of the tie as well instead the ensemble is paired by a black lightly patterned jacket. Overall, he looks incredibly classy yet still chic and trendy. Now. Nyong'o. The mirrored thigh high slits, the incredible emerald green, the shape, and fit, and pattern, this dress has it all. It is a hybrid of tradition and culture with modern couture, in many ways, paralleling the themes of the film. 

Shuri is slaaaaaying. I have been murdered. But really this dress looks like it was pulled straight off the runway, or straight off of Rihanna. It is simple in style and color but incredibly chic. The high neck and meshing on the upper region of the dress amplify the simple dress to feel high fashion. However, the best part of this look is definitely how well Letitia Wright wears it. Styled with a statement braided bun accented by gold braid cuffs, Wright looks nothing short of phenomenal. This might be my favorite look from the entire movie, and that may, more or less, be due to Michael B. Jordan's many abs, but what can I say? Jordan's character, Killmonger, having grown up in L.A. brings American style to Wakanda, and he brings it well. This dark, nearly floor length open sweater, paired with gray skinny jeans and the large gold necklace is the epitome of cool, trendy, and sexy, He carries himself with remarkable confidence and authority making everything he wears in this movie look even better. Just wow...Queen Ramonda's outfits perfectly combine African culture, regality, and high fashion. The shapes and patterns of her clothing reflect rich cultural traditions drawn from various African countries to create the unique culture of the fictional Wakanda. Her dress creates a sense of how the queen of an African superpower might dress, and she pulls it off with grace and beauty.Women warriors are probably one of my favorite things, and the Dora Milaje of Black Panther are fierce, plus their armor is fabulous. First off, this armor is functional. None of that half-naked, pleasing the male gaze while running  into battle for the Milaje. Their armor is protective and sensible, but still beautiful in it's hues of corals and orange and accented by silver and gold metallic armor that appears like bangles. Also, Nakia is stunting in the middle with her gold and brown cut out dress. 

Black Panther is not only an incredibly entertaining superhero film it's a phenomenal depiction of the rich culture and history of Africa, and it's filled with immaculate costumes that embody this legacy.

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