Best Friends: Jade Medsker & Kenley Cutrubus

I JUST COULDN'T DECIDE! I mean look at these two! I've known Jade and Kenley for a couple years now and they're honestly two of the most beautiful, fun, and intelligent girls I've ever met. That is why I knew they both needed to be featured as this week's Campus Cutie. Aside from being hands down two of the hottest girls on campus, they are perfect examples of students getting involved, and have the best personalities. They're like a real life Serena and Blair. When asked to describe their friendship in three words, these two ladies chose: simple, selfless, and supportive. Trust me. you're going to want to read on!

Her Campus (HC):  Okay. Seriously, you two have an ideal friendship. How did you meet?

Kenley Cutrubus (KC):  Our families were close friends growing up. However, our friendship didn't happen until college.

Jade Medsker (JM):  We became instant best friends the second we met each other here at The U.

HC:  Lucky you found each other so quickly! What do you like most about the other?

JM:  The thing I like the most about Kenley is that she is always there for me no matter what. She is the most supportive best friend I could ask for. She never judges my decisions and always goes with the flow. I can count on her whether it's to laugh with me, cry with me, or eat ice cream with me. It also helps that she gets my humor.

KC:  The thing I appreciate most about Jade is that she's my 24/7 support system. She motivates me, cheers for me, and gives me advice when I need it the most. She loves endlessly and truly has the biggest heart. I feel fortunate to have her in my life, and look forward to creating more memories and sustaining a lifelong friendship with her.

HC:  Sounds like a match made in heaven. Tell me, what's the craziest adventure you two have gotten yourselves into?

JM:  Our craziest adventure...

KC:  To this date...

JM:  Was definitely when we went to Vegas for my birthday. I'd never been before and Kenley surprised me! We were there for the weekend and let's just say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

HC:  Okay, that's something you have to tell me about later! So, you're getting into a little trouble now - but where do you see yourselves/the other in five years?

KC/JM:  We'll be graduated from the David Eccles School of Business and moved into an apartment in downtown New York accomplishing our dreams, and working in our dream careers.

[Author's Note: Hmmm... New York, two stylish, smart, and sassy girls. Sound familiar?]

HC:  Alright, I'm sure all the boys will be wondering; what are your requirements for the other's potential boyfriend?

JM:  He has to be accepting that Kenley and I are a package deal, of course. He better be serious in his school studies, and motivated to do something with his life. He needs to be a perfect gentleman. She's amazing, so she deserves someone who will treat her like an absolute princess.

KC:  I feel like Jade basically said it all! He has to laugh at her jokes when I'm not around, love her unconditionally, and endlessly support her dreams and goals.

HC:  That seems fair! Lastly, we have to know, what's the secret to your friendship? 

JM:  Appreciate the little things. There's always something to smile about. Trust each other with everything because without trust there is no friendship.

KC:  You have to have those moments where you are weird with each other and laugh until you cry. 


Meet: Jade & Kenley:

Name:  Jase Medsker

Hometown:  North Ogden, Utah

Major:  Operations Management, DESB

Relationship Status:  Single


Name:  Kenley Cutrubus

Hometown:  Riverdale, Utah

Major:  Business Administration, DESB

Relationship Status:  "None of your business ;)"

Biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?

JM:  If a guy can have an intellecutal conversation with me, it's the biggest turn on. The biggest turn off is when guys are too full of themselves. Believe it or not, I don't care how much weight you lifted at the gym today.

KC:  If a guy can me laugh, it's an instant turn on. I also love a guy who is motivated and educated. The biggest turn off for me is when you can't trust a guy. A relationship is nothing without trust.

Gossip Girl or New Girl?

JM:  New Girl! Being in a friend group that's mainly guys it's easy to become "one of the guys." I feel like I can relate to Jess in that way. Plus it's hilarous. 

KC:  Gossip Girl for sure. Two words: Chuck Bass.

Favorite U of U memory?

JM:  When our football team beat USC during the 2014 season and we all rushed the field.

KC:  All of the football games!

Favorite place to study?

JM & KC:  Business School, fifth floor.

What campus activities are you involved in?

JM:  Operations Management Club, Business Scholars, National Honor Society of Leadership and Success.

KC:  Women in Business Club, Pi Eta Sigma Honors Society, National Honors Society of Leadership and Success, Business LEAP Peer Advisor, Crossroads Spring Fundraiser Coordinator, newest member of Business Leaders Incorportaed, Chief of Student Involvement for the 2015-2016 school year.

What's your secret talent?

JM:  If I told you, then it wouldn't be a secret...

KC:  Making people laugh and feel comfortable in any situation.

What's on your most recent list on Netflix?

JM:  I don't have a Netflix account.

KC:  I just finished House of Cards, and now I'm starting Scandal! I'm a Netflix junkie.

Describe your dream date.

JM:  Plan a picnic and take me off-roading up in the mountains. We'd eat by the fire, then cuddle while on the hood of the car looking up at the stars and having deep conversations.

KC:  Let's go get Chipotle, watch movies, laugh uncontrollably, and just relax in our sweats. I'm simple.

Why are U of U boys the best?

KC: I feel like I'm kind of biased due to the fact that all of the guys in our friend group are soooo good looking!

JM: Ditto to what Kenley said.

Looks like we might need to interview some of those boys for next week's Campus Cutie, huh collegiettes?!