Best Comedy Specials on Netflix

Are you depressed? Do you want to procrastinate homework and forget that being an adult means you have responsibilities? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Netflix comedy specials are for you! Netflix has supported many famous and breaking-out comedians, and these are the best ones!

Note: For fun with the fam I have marked which shows are clean, so you have the option to watch them with your Catholic granny.


  1. Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale (Clean)Image result for jim gaffigan beyond the pale gif

    My favorite quote from this one is “hot pockets!” Gaffigan excels, as usual, with hilarious food jokes, and self-deprecating fat-questioning humor.

  2. John Mulaney: New in TownImage result for john mulaney new in town gif

    This special is “mostly” clean, with a few swears. If you like funny narratives, this is the show for you!

  3. Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for JokesImage result for mike birbiglia thank god for jokes gif

    From making fun of Larry the Cable Guy to telling his most embarrassing moments, Birbiglia’s artful mastery of words will ensure you’re ROFL-ing for an hour.

  4. Ali Wong: Hard Knock WifeImage result for ali wong hard knock wife gif

    This one is not for the faint of heart. At some times quite crass, this special will make your face red and your belly laugh. Those with any experience with pregnancy will find this too real and too funny.

  5. Jim Gaffigan: CincoImage result for jim gaffigan cinco gif

    This special, commemorating his fifth child, makes fun of everything from nutrition to Jesus! If you’re in the mood for funny voices and relatable content, this is the comedian for you.

  6. Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face (Clean)Image result for ryan hamilton happy face gif

    Don’t be put off by his unusual bone structure...he’s not afraid to make fun of it! Hamilton is real about his own deficiencies, and his commentary on the Olympics will make you cry with laughter.

  7. Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s BoyfriendImage result for mike birbiglia my girlfriends boyfriend gif

    Do you think you have relationship issues? Just wait until you hear Birbiglia’s gut-busting accounts of his woeful love life.

  8. John Mulaney: Kid GorgeousImage result for john mulaney kid gorgeous gif

    John Mulaney is so good, he’s on the list twice! If you’re in the mood for making fun of kidnapping, this one is right up your alley.

  9. Trevor Noah: Son of PatriciaImage result for trevor noah son of patricia gif

    The king of the Daily Show does it again with this hilarious special. Stories from his South African childhood will touch your heart while filling you with joy.

  10. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming KingImage result for hasan minhaj homecoming king gif

    Being the child of immigrants didn’t only shape his childhood, but his comedy, too! Minhaj’s accounts of his childhood are relatable while comedically opening your eyes to the struggles minorities face.


Netflix has cemented itself as the best curator of comedy, but it’s hard to wade through all the options. Use this list to find your next barrel-of-fun!

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