Best College Bars in Salt Lake

It might go without saying, but this one is for my 21-and-over peeps. However, if you’re still underage, don’t sweat it! These bars will all still be here when you finally become *legal*.

Salt Lake City has a certain reputation to it – there’s no denying that. When I first moved here, it was definitely a little daunting. However, after only a few short weeks of living here, I quickly realized that there is much, much more to this place than what you expect. As I aged through my college years, my friends and I made countless discoveries of things to do, places to go, and ways to pass the time. The one area that we couldn’t explore until recently, though, was the nightlife. So, upon turning 21, we had a whole new adventure in front of us. Now, before I get more in depth, let me preface the rest of the article with this: I am fully aware that people go to bars for a number of different reasons – some people want to meet new people, some people are single and wanting to mingle, and some people really just want to get as drunk as they can and have the time of their lives. I say, to each their own, BUT, in any of these scenarios, please be smart and responsible. Okay, disclaimer over! When I go to bars, it’s usually a way for me to spend time and connect with my friends. We all have such busy weeks and different schedules that by the time the weekend hits, we’re ready to kick back and relax, and just spend time with each other!

Here are some of my (or should I say, our) favorite places to go on different nights of the week:


I have classes every day so I can’t really start my weekend on a Wednesday, but if you’re one of the lucky people who can, more power to ya! O’Shucks draws a pretty big college crowd in on Wednesday nights, thanks to their bar specials. I will note, do not step foot anywhere near this bar if you have a peanut allergy – they serve baskets of peanuts all night, which is my dream, but might be your nightmare!

O'Shucks is located at 22 E 100 S.



Okay, I think that Thursday night might be my favorite night of the week. The Green Pig hosts a karaoke night every Thursday, and I have never had a bad time. My friends and I go pretty much every week, and we usually grab a table right away and camp out for the night. People sing an extremely diverse range of songs, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a good time. They have really good drink specials on Thursdays, too, so you can muster up some liquid courage to sing without breaking the bank.

The Green Pig Pub is located at 31 E 400 S.


Cheers To You is always a good go-to Friday night spot. Drinks are always cheap, and there’s always a full crowd, so you’ll end up running into tons of people you know! The staff is super friendly, and the pool tables at the back of a bar make for a great activity, should you get bored throughout the night! On Friday nights they do karaoke too, so you can sing your heart out two nights in a row! As an added bonus, Cheers is in a super central location, so it’s a good starting point if you think you want to walk to some other bars. Also nearby are Bodega, London Belle, and Alibi.

Beer Bar and Bar-X are also reportedly good Friday night spots. I’ve never been to either, but I’ve only heard good things! They are right next door to each other, so you don’t have to travel far at all, and you’ll find a bit more of a mature atmosphere than Cheers.

Cheers To You is located at 315 S Main St. 

Beer Bar is located at 161 E 200 S, and Bar-X is located at 155 E 200 S.


Saturdays are kind of the bar crawl night around here. Like I mentioned earlier, Cheers To You is probably the best place to start, but the options are endless. Bodega is also a good starter, boasting $2 tequila shots, but you’re going to wait in line for a while, and there’s not a ton of room in the bar, so don’t plan on spending much time there. If you want to dance, (I mean, is that even a question??), your best options are to head to Alibi (right down the street from Cheers and Bodega), or to Gracie’s, which is about a 10 minute walk. Alibi is the pricier of the two, but I like the vibe there a lot better – Gracie’s can tend to feel like a sardine box in my opinion. Either way, you’ll find a crowded dance floor with great music!

Twist is a great place to go if you’re in a big group and you want cheap cocktails. It has an upstairs and a downstairs, so there’s plenty of room to mingle! I’ve never felt overwhelmed by people when I’ve been there, and the staff is very friendly! Additionally, Quarters is supposedly a favorite location for a lot of students. I haven’t been here either, but it’s an arcade bar, so I think it would be impossible not to enjoy!  

Bodega is located at 331 S Main St.

Alibi Bar & Place is located at 369 S Main St.

Gracie's is located at 326 S West Temple.

Twist is located at 32 Exchange Pl.

Quarters Arcade Bar is located at 5 E 400 S.


Hitting the town with my friends is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. You don’t even have to drink – the social atmosphere and the chance to spend time with all of your friends at once is reason enough to go! Whether you want to dance, or sing, or play games, Salt Lake really has the full range of options.

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