Best Brunch Spots in SLC

There is no "to brunch or not to brunch." Going out to brunch is really the only way to go, because I can't seem to get up before 11:30 a.m. on a weekend, and I certainly don't wanna start my day off by eating a ceaser salad or whatever other lunch items I can find in the back of my fridge. I want to wake up, relax and eat a lot of bacon. If it weren't for brunch, I don't think i'd be here today. There's just something about sleeping in, getting all dressed up and going to eat a fat stack of pancakes, and drink one too many glasses of mimosas with your girls that is so fun and appealing. Whether you're cramming for an exam til  4 a.m. or partying all-night long, or looking for a cute place to celebrate your best friend's birthday, brunch is there for you. I would brunch everyday if I had the option. And if I did, here's where i'd go. 



Café Niche

779 E 300 S

Here's an important part about the qualifications of a brunch place, if not THE most important aspect, the restaurant must go past at least 11:30 a.m. To me, anything before noon still qualifies as breakfast, which I am in no shape to get up that early and scarf down. So, all of my suggestions are restaurants that serve breakfast past noon or even better, all. day. long. 

Cafe Niche is a quant, little elegant brunch spot my friends hit up a lot. It's because their staff is super friendly (but not in the "they won't leave you alone" way), and, most importantly, their food is the bomb. Also, there never is a wait time longer than ten minutes so, you don't have to have a side of hangry with your hungover. If you go to Niche, try their Niche Breakfast. It is basically like ordering everything off the menu for $11. Because I don't know about you, but I want a sample of everything at brunch. The Niche Breakfast comes with two local free-range eggs, bacon or sausage, toast and two of the following: country potatoes, sauteed spinach, half an avocado, sliced tomatoes or fruit. Tell me that isn't a deal! If you are feeling like ordering something sweet, definitely get the cinnamon french toast and always order an iced soy chai (no matter the entree).


Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade

54 west 1700 South

This spot is one of my very favorites, if not my absolute favorite, because it is so different and unique compared to your typical brunch location. There is a youthful and energetic atmosphere that brings out your fun, celebratory side. Sweet Lake's focus is on making sure you and your friends feel at home while serving delicious breakfast food. The staff don't interrupt your conversations too often to check on the food, which I appreciate because it lets me connect with my company. Also, the food is extremely affordable so you are able to order an entree and a drink.

If you are going to Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade, you have to order their conspiracy cakes. You can get them as they are for $11 or add fried chicken to them for $15. Trust me, you're gonna want to add the chicken. The fried chicken is the perfect consistency to pair with their fluffy, sweet pancakes. This place has my favorite fried chicken and pancakes (out beats the waffle all day, everyday). If you are looking for something a little lighter, try getting their biscuit bar. You get two house biscuits with gravy or butter, honey and jam all for $7. There's nothing better than warm homemade biscuits and a sweet glass of limeade. Spend your Sunday morning better, I dare you.


Penny Ann's Cafe

1810 S. Main Street

My family has been coming to this restaurant for a few years now, and I never get sick of it. The atmosphere is family oriented. If your parents are coming in from out of town, this is place is ace to take them for brunch. If you've heard about Penny Ann's Cafe, then you've heard about their 'heavenly hot cakes' and boy, are they heavenly. Those things are so fluffy and thick and pure magical. I don't see how you can eat there for brunch and not order them. That notion is simply insane. Their short stack (2 cakes) is $7.49, but those suckers are no joke. If you can eat more than two, i'll be impressed.


Blue Plate

2041 S 2100 E

Are you looking for the epitome of a college town diner? Here ya go. I can't count the times i've stopped in for some scrambled eggs whether that be after a night out, or in the morning with my girls. It's a very relaxed and mellow atmosphere (which is exactly what you need after a night of partying). The decor is one of the best parts about the diner, because it takes you back in time. At Blue Plate, you need to order their American French toast. It comes with an egg any way you like it, and a choice of sausage or bacon for $9.99. Because, we want all the food for as little money as possible right? Stick with me, kid.


Hub and Spoke

1291 S. 1100 E

This is where the majority of my friends and I celebrate our birthdays. We always seem to come back to this diner because the food is to die for. It is consistently good and the food comes out fast, which hungry girls appreciate. Another great thing about Hub and Spoke is that it's never busy. I've never had to wait in line or make a reservation, we've always just walked right in and got seated. That's a nice perk for those of you (myself, included) who don't have the time to wait around. Hub and Spoke will get you in and out, with a full tummy. You have to order the build your own breakfast. How do you choose anything else? You get to build. your. own. breakfast. How could you not like it? It comes with 2 eggs, 1 meat and 2 sides OR choice of 2 eggs, no meat and 3 sides all for just $9.50. I'm telling you, that is genius. If you are an underachiever and think that might be too much food for you, order the pecan waffle for $7.50. Oh, and get a boozy shake!


Eggs in the City

1675 EAST 1300 SOUTH​

I am in a committed and loving relationship with Eggs in the City. They just get me... you know? This is the spot where you could comfortably take your mom or go for a second date (only if you are looking to go on date number three). This place is always busy and I generally have to wait in line, but it is so worth it. 'The distance makes the heart grow fonder' or something very similar to that. Eggs in the City is my number one favorite brunch spot and that's saying something because damn, do I love brunch. The energy is so lively and bright and it feels like a happy morning right when you walk in. If it weren't for the fun vibe, the food is wicked good. I'm never disappointed with what I order and i've never heard anyone complain about something they've ordered at Eggs in the City. If you do decide to drop by for a trial run (highly suggested), order the build your own breakfast burrito for $9. A breakfast burrito is the ultimate brunch item choice. It's the best option to order because it's ginormous (save for later) and it could definitely cure a hangover. You MUST order a hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate has cute rainbow sprinkles on top of the whipped cream and they're free refills. Free, people. You heard me correctly, it's free.


Salt Lake City is known for a lot of things and brunch is one of them. Write down all these brunch spots on a sheet of paper, tear them into little strips and place them in a jar. That way, whenever you want to try a new brunch place, pull out a sheet from the jar and hop in the car. Whether you are from out-of-town and are looking for a fun place to try in SLC or are a native looking to jazz up your weekend, any of these's joints will do the trick. 


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