Being A Bumble Honey Is Just What You Need Next Semester

Spring semester is finally over and summer has arrived! But that still doesn’t mean that you can't still get involved and prepare for the next one. 

Bumble, the dating-networking app created by women for women, wants to continue empowerment all over the country by inviting young, driven, college students to join their Bumble Ambassador programs, aka. honeys. The Ambassador program offers an exclusive opportunity to be part of an amazing marketing program that pushes to promote and increase the awareness of the app. Ways include handing out yellow roses to hosting buzz-worthy parties all over campus. If you are looking to be the heart and soul on your campus, being a honey might be the perfect thing for you!

Photo Courtesy of Bumble Honey

The honey ambassador program can lead you to do incredible things in the marketing world, including possibly landing your dream internship! Here’s a honey that loves what she does: 

Why do you work for Bumble?

With so many ambassador programs trying to capture the attention of college students, I knew I wanted to work for a company that encouraged both personal and professional growth. My campus team of diverse and hardworking young women has taught me more than any lecture hall or extracurricular could. Bumble’s global network of ambassadors is a support system of empowered, young females that are encouraging kindness and equality on their college campuses. Bumble was founded with a mission to help users make empowered connections in dating, friendship, and business.

How did it change your career trajectory?

Working as a Bumble ambassador helped give me the confidence and marketing experience that I needed to land my dream internship in New York City the following summer.

What are the perks that you like most?

Bumble’s ambassador program is structured so that hard work and dedication is rewarded. We are compensated each month for our work, Bumble additionally rewards creativity and highlights ambassadors who go above and beyond! There are discretionary bonuses given out monthly, prizes distributed, and even sometimes all-expense paid trips to show appreciation for ambassadors. This position with Bumble has allowed me to gain real, immersive, and transferable experience that I know I could not have gained elsewhere. 

Why is Bumble such a great tool for college students?

Bumble’s greatest strength in the college community is its ability to connect you to the people right around you who you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Networking is a daunting task, especially as a student entering the job market. Bumble Bizz has personally been my favorite aspect of the app. I’ve met local professionals through Bumble Bizz, and even have some great leads for an internship this summer. It’s true when they say 85% of jobs are filled via networking! Bumble’s uses are endless... I only wish more people could realize the countless benefits it offers!

Applications to become a Bumble Ambassador for Fall 2018 are now open. They are also offering one-year roles with great pay and perks, along with plenty of experience. Future honeys, apply here.