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Behind the Scenes of the World of Modeling

Fashion and modeling are always in constant change, but recently society has been welcoming to new styles, looks and most importantly the various beautiful bodies of everyone. Representation is being praised on the runway and honestly, the world of fashion, glamor, and modeling has never looked better. So what do you have to do to be part of this world? Hannah Ziebarth, a freelance model, was more than happy to share her perspective, challenges and advice for all those who wish a career or experience in modeling, photoshoots, agencies and the whole ordeal.

Why did you get into modeling?

For me, it was kind of just a for fun, I was getting senior pictures done and people told me I should try it because I have a different look, though I think pretty much anyone who wants to be a model can be one. The people doing my pictures gave me their contact information and a business card saying I should come back. At the time, I did not really look into it, but as I got older I would meet people at different events and venues introducing me to new friends and contacts it really became about who I knew and who would help get me out there.

What is the difference between freelance modeling and doing it through an agency? Why do you prefer freelance modeling?

I’ve never been very serious about modeling it just has been more of a past time for me. I prefer freelance modeling as you have more leeway to pick and choose when you want to do shoot as well as what type of photo shoot. You create more of a bond with the photographers meaning that they will be more flexible when working with you the photographers can just get a hold of you if they want or need you for something they’re working on. I have had friends who work through agencies, I don’t know as much about modeling agencies because I am not focused on making modeling a career; however, I do believe that if you are looking to make more money out of modeling then modeling through an agency would be best. Word of advice, your schedule has to be quite free when working with a modeling agency if they call and need you at a certain time and you end up not being able to make it, often times instead of rescheduling or making the time later, they can just find someone else and they will encourage you at first to “take anything you can get”.

What is the reality of the payment modeling gets?

Not much unless you make it very high up, in general, is a couple hundred a shoot, and sometimes it ends up being for free, the bargain being that you are getting Publicity and so is the photographer/co.

Would recommend modeling?

For a career choice, I wouldn’t bank on it, if you’re doing it as a side job, or just for fun then absolutely go for it! As I said before, basically anybody can be a model, people are constantly looking for a new and different looks, I would recommend going through an agency if you are wanting to try to make some sort of a career out of it, I’ve seen that most models here  do modeling and also do something else, such as singing, acting, etc. I think it’s a good experience, but if you want to make it a career you will need to put all of your focus on it, take some classes and get to an agency.

What advice can you give to anyone who is interested in modeling?

Be careful who you agree to do shoots with by yourself, unless you know anybody personally before you start, I would recommend starting with an agency. If you want to make it your career, make it your main focus, often times you will be pulled all over the place at random times so be ready to free up your schedule for it. Be ready for some criticism, the photographers may tell you to say or move or stand in a different way because of random things, if you sit for a picture they may blatantly tell you a tummy roll or two is showing. He’s not saying it to hurt your feelings, we all get rolls or cellulite in certain poses, just move how they tell you and it make the pictures turn out better. Ultimately, if you do decide to model either as an experience, career or just publicity do it because you are confident in yourself right now, not to validate yourself after. It’s good to go in with a good attitude, have fun with it and just work it, if you are just doing it so you can tell people you are a model, it’s not worth the time.

Maybe there is more to modeling than meets eye, there is a lot to be considered, just like any other career hard work, focus and dedication will be essential. It is 2017 anything can happen, this is the time to take risks, challenge obstacles, to find and be yourself and what better way then joining an industry that is founded on the principle to find and be yourself. You do not have to be a model to feel special, and you do not have to join the world of fashion, modeling for the glamour in the end you just have to rock who you are because there is no one on this earth who can pull you like you.

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