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The Beauty Behind the Colors: A Look at the 2016 Festival of Colors

This past weekend was the Indian celebration of Holi at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Ut. This festival grabs the attention of many because of the colored chalk that is being thrown left and right, but the story behind why these colors are being thrown is as beautiful as its appearance. Holi is celebrated after the full moon during the month of February or March to celebrate the new energy of spring. Everyone could feel the positive vibrations and love while I was there. The Krishna temple was stunning with the bright blue sky above it and the multi-colored hand prints covering it's walls.

Back in the streets of India, the color throwing is ten times the amount we see in Utah. People are covered head to toe in purple, pink, orange, yellow and more to the point where no one can determine social class among each other. "The holiday is about love and shining away darkness," according to one of the DJ's who preformed. One of the songs included the crowd shouting "peace, love, unity" while making peace signs, a heart shape and holding their hands together in the air. It really was an amazing event. Here are some of the most colorful faces from the festival.





Happy Holi!

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