Be Fab. Shop at IconoCLAD.

Unique consignment stores are the best places to go shopping, hands down. While I have found my favorite places, my newest addiction is IconoCLAD, a small consignment store on the corner of 3rd South and 4th East. This friendly shop gives off an extremely chill vibe and is reasonably priced--which can be rare for a consignment shop in Salt Lake! I immediately felt welcomed by the girls at the register because they were genuinely nice, helpful and chatty. Of course, my favorite part of IconoCLAD has to be the store kitty, Kisses. Because um, hello? It's a store kitty!

The atmosphere of IconoCLAD is friendly but what I really love about this store is that it has those random items that you just can’t find anywhere else.  My favorite pieces were these crazy terrariums, which are so in right now and created by local artist Jodi Mardesich Smith.

Not only is IconoCLAD an awesome place to shop but it’s also the best place in Salt Lake to sell your items. No other consignment store is as caring when it comes to their customers. IconoCLAD does this by giving you 50% of what your item sells for! I’m so used to being offered $1.25 for a pair of perfect, brand name jeans that this concept was totally new and exciting to me! This just goes to show how much IconoCLAD really cares about the people who come to the store.

The owner of IconoCLAD, Tom, is also a University of Utah alumni. What better way to support a fellow Ute than to stop by his store and do a little perusing? Check it out collegiettes; you won’t be disappointed!