Back to School Advice From Student Leaders

It seems like just yesterday we were all laying next to the pool, sleeping in on more than just the weekend, and forgetting about the most daunting part of the year, school. Whether it is your first year of college or you’ve been here since before Katy Perry released her Teenage Dream album, going back to school can be a stressful time. Here is some advice from two awesome student leaders on campus to help you jump start this back to school season.


Megan Peterson

Outreach Team for the Bennion Centers Scholars Program, Cofounder/President of the Television Analysis Club, and Campus Representative for NBC Universal  

Tell me a little bit about yourself!


"I’m a third year student at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communication. I was born in Michigan, but I lived in Saudi Arabia and Florida before I came to Utah for school. I hold a couple different positions around campus, I’m currently on the Outreach Team for the Bennion Center Scholars program. I am a co-founder/president of the Television Analysis Club and I am also the campus representative for NBC Universal. I will also be starting a communications internship at the Governor’s office this fall! In my free time I love to go to the movies, hike, cross-stitch, and just hang out with friends."


How do you stay organized and time manage all the different organizations you are apart of, your internship, and school?


"My beautiful, color-coded calendar on my laptop. I love it so much it’s kind of sad. I have every class, meeting, work/volunteer shift, brunch, dinner, and pretty much anything else you could think of written down there. I also have a notebook I carry around with me to write down random thoughts, to-do lists, and reminders!"


What is your biggest piece of advice for this upcoming school year to the readers of Her Campus?


"Get involved! It’s important to go to class and study hard, but it’s the things you do outside of class that you’ll remember the most and that will help you get a job after graduation! Check out ASUU for a list of student organizations, go the Bennion Center to volunteer with a non-profit you’re passionate about, get a part-time job downtown, or go help plan awesome events with UPC! There’s seriously so much you can do - but always remember to not stretch yourself too thin and to take a break when you need it!"


Robin Young

Director of Recruitment for


Tell me a little bit about yourself!


"Hi! My name is Robin Young, and I am currently a sophomore Communication major here at the University of Utah! Being involved on campus is something that is really important to me, from being the Director of Recruitment and writing for to being a part of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, I tend to keep pretty busy. I also enjoy acting, and I am currently simultaneously pursuing an Associates in Theater at Salt Lake Community College, while also being a part of their improv team and drama club. I am a huge activist for women's, LGBTQIA*, and civil rights, and I try to be as involved as I can."


Since you just finished your freshman year, what advice do you have to current freshman on how to get involved here on campus?


"My biggest piece of advice to freshmen is to just take a second to think things over--I remember walking through Plazafest and feeling completely overwhelmed! I wanted to do so many different things, but I wasn't sure if they were going to line up with my major. But here's the catch: the extracurricular activities don't have to line up with your fact, it's better if they don't! It will diversify your resume and make you a more interesting and well rounded person in general. In my personal opinion, the best thing that you can do to get involved is to join a fraternity or a sorority if you can, or to at least go through recruitment to make friends! Having a support system like that will help you get involved with numerous activities, and can definitely help you find more ways to get involved!"


What do you do to relax during a busy week?


"During a busy week, I try to either go to the gym or stay home and watch Netflix in order to relax. Being able to balance the two out is important as well--kicking up your endorphins will give you a natural high that just can't be beat! And binging a TV show? Well, I have to admit I'm pretty fond of that too."


What is your biggest piece of advice for the upcoming school year to the readers of Her Campus?


"The biggest piece of advice I could give to freshman Her Campus readers is to take every opportunity you can get, and to not get so hung up on things that will take time. Instead of being worried about who the cute person in your Biology class could be into, take a second to really focus on the class, or on the friends that you've made. Take deep breaths, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it--I promise, someone will always be willing to give you a hand."


Going into a new school year can be a bit overwhelming, but hopefully this advice can help you feel more confident to take on the year!