“Awards for Good Boys” is the Best Account on Instagram

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there before. And again. And. . . again. Dry conversations? Absurd plans for his pipe dream? Mansplaining even the simplest of tasks? Someone probably popped into your mind. It’s easy to hope that a guy will get better with time. The truth is, dating is difficult. Whether you’re casually going out or searching for something serious, the number of guys dying to show that they’re “different” is overwhelming. Luckily humor never fails. The next time you’re feeling deserted in a sea of mediocre men that think they’re fantastic, a scroll through Instagram for a good laugh can help.  

Awards for Good Boys” is run by artist Shelby D. Lorman and has over 82k followers on Instagram. The power of satire along with a heavy dose of mockery turns the table on boys that have probably never been told “no” their entire lives. Honestly, if a guy gets offended by the posts it probably means he deserves it. Lorman’s art is witty, sharp and totally hilarious, but it’s also extremely comforting to know you aren’t the only one who’s encountered such bad luck. There’s something satisfying about the bare-minimum men in your life getting called out—whether they know it or not. Real life situations (and entire relationships) are represented well in the compact to-the-point awards peppering Lorman’s portfolio. The people that think they’re God’s gift to the world can finally get their egos checked, and the actual good ones can have a laugh. Below are some of Lorman’s best “awards” for the boys we’ve all encountered.

Feel better about your Tinder conversations after reading those? Maybe awards are just the thing we need for guys that like to imagine they rule the world. The comment sections of Lorman’s posts are filled with rad women recounting their experiences and laughing with each other. Inevitably, comments are seasoned with soggy guys that “just don’t get it” too. The irony of the “I feel attacked” comments is that that’s the point. As I said earlier, if someone gets offended by these it’s probably because they’ve done something to deserve it. What’s honorable humor for some is offensive drivel for others I suppose. But whatever, I like the idea of turning  bad romantic choices into jokes. It’s cathartic.

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