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Are You A College Student Or An Alcoholic?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

College is a time for fun flings, all-nighters, being stupid, living at the library, making lifelong friendships, and for most, a plethora of drinking. Drinking for college students could be a wine night with the girls, bars with friends, or crowded fraternity parties. After a semester of amazing memories (or lack there of), reflection sets in and you wonder whether or not you really are just a typical college student, or if the drinking is becoming a problem.

1. You have frequent blackouts. 

After a night of drinking it is a given that things will be a little blurry. Your best friend will tell you things you can’t imagine your sober-self doing, and even with how badly you want to forget the things you did, you can’t. It begins to be a problem when full chunks of time are missing from your memory, and even when someone mentions the regretful act you have no recollection. The best tips for preventing black outs are to pace yourself, and know when to stop. Whether you’re new at drinking or a veteran, its crucial to your health to know your body and understand what your limit is. Always make sure you’re staying hydrated.

2. Just about every weekend your plans involve drinking.

For a lot of people, drinking is a consistent part of the college lifestyle, and quite frankly if you’re going to be going out and drinking every weekend its much better to be doing it in college than when you’re still single and 40 years old.

3. You have a designated “hair-holder.”

 The greatest friends are the ones that are there for you through the ups, and the downs- especially if the down includes holding your hair while you regurgitate your dinner.  Sometimes its funny to “boot-and-rally” but throwing up because of drinking is also a very serious symptom of alcohol poisoning. Of course not every time you get so sick you throw up you need to be taken to the hospital, but if you’re making a habit of it it’s time to reconsider your drinking habits. If you’re unsure if a friend has alcohol poisoning, it’s safer to call for help and be wrong then to not call for help and regret it.

4. Events are more fun when alcohol is involved.

When we were kids backyard games with friends was enough to keep us occupied for hours. But then kids turned into adults and hide-and-seek met alcohol, and since then events without alcohol just don’t seem like as much fun. Wanting to drink at events to make them more tolerable doesn’t mean you have a problem; it just means you’re a typical college student.



Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor