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Amping Up Your Accessory Game: The Newest Trends for 2019

Between a new year, a whole month of fashion weeks around the globe, and the constant influx of new trends set by bloggers and influencers, there are plenty of new fashions emerging during this month. However, one trend in particular that started to take root during 2018 has finally begun to emerge all over the place in 2019: accessories. We may not all be bloggers with endless time to get ready in the mornings, money to buy new clothes, or occasions to defy style norms, but these new trends prove to be simple and savvy to give your outfits that extra impact (while not breaking the bank).

1. Throwback to Growing Out Your Bangs: Barrettes

Whether you use them to get the hair out of your face, show the name of your favorite designer, or just add a hint of playfulness to your look, barrettes are definitely the way to go.

2. Securing the Bag: Redefined Purses

Who wants any plain old purse when you could carry around one of these! Beaded, clear, woven, and fur are just a few of the many different textures people are experimenting with on their handbags.

3. Not Your Grandma’s Clip-Ons: Bold Earrings

Ever wanted to play dress up in the real world? Well, you're in luck. These statement earrings will give you that perfect vintage-chic vibe while making you feel like a kid again.

4. A Hint of French: Berets

Hats are a particularly important accessory, especially in these cold winter months. For something more unique and sophisticated than a beanie, grab a beret instead.

5. Seeing Life in Technicolor: Colored Lenses

Not matching your mood or outfit with your glasses? Never heard of her.

6. Two Chainz (or Maybe 3 or 4): Chain Link Pieces

Feeling inspired by your favorite rapper or need to add some edge to a look? Chains and chain link pieces are the way to go. Many stores are not only starting to carry more chain jewelry and bags, but chain link belts and purses are making appearances too. And plus, who doesn't like a little sparkle?

7. The Newest of the New: Statement Scarves

While this trend hasn't made its way past expensive designers yet, be sure to keep your eye out for more bold letters and prints on scarves in the near future. Once again, this is a perfect way to keep you warm and stylish (because what more could anyone want?)

With all these ideas, it's hard to choose which to try out first! Luckily, accessories make it easy to ease your way into new styles, spice up a simple outfit, make a statement, and mix and match with different looks. As with any new trends, it can be easy to be skeptical of their look at first. But, if you take the time to step out of your comfort zone, I promise you'll stay ahead of the curve with these accessories.


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Emily is currently a senior studying Marketing with double-minors in Writing & Rhetoric Studies and Political Science. Following her undergraduate studies, she hopes to attend law school. Aside from schoolwork and Her Campus, Emily participates in Greek life, student government, Women in Business, and the American Marketing Association. She is also an avid skier, camp counselor, and a part-time fashion blogger.
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