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Ambra Jackson: Next Year’s Student Body President

We have a very important woman to introduce you to, Ambra Jackson! Aside from being a complete sweetheart, awesome sorority sister, and complete bad a**, Ambra, as Snow Party’s presidential candidate, has earned the opportunity to represent the U of U next year as student body president. Now, let’s get to know her a little better!

Name:  Ambra Jackson

Age:  21 (We’re hoping she considers running for Her Campus 22 Under 22 competition!)

Hometown:  Layton, UT

Major:  Strategic Communications with a French minor.

Campus Involvement:  ASUU and Greek life

Her Campus (HC):  Do you think your academic choices have influenced your decision to run for office? If not, what did influence your choice to run?

Ambra Jackson (AJ):  No, I would say the ASUU organization as a whole did. ASUU became a way for me to develop my leadership skills and get involved on a large campus all in one place.  Since then I have developed a large passion for ASUU and the University of Utah.

HC: Tell us what it felt like when you found out you get to represent the entire student body.

AJ:  It was very exciting of course! It’s amazing to witness our hard work throughout the campaign season finally pay off.

HC:  What struggles have you faced in gaining such prestigious positions?

AJ:  I can’t say I have had any major struggles with these positions yet. However, I do attribute this to being resourceful and proactive whenever I do not feel confident in achieving a goal.

HC:  What are your plans for the student body next year?

AJ:  I plan to integrate new and old traditions. I will be creating a council of student leaders that consist of the leaders of each student organization –RHA, LDSSA, Greek life, etc.  Also, I plan to inform students of student fee activity and create legislative awareness and improve the Campus Climate through continuing sexual assault prevention initiatives beginning with expanding our current Victim Advocate to a full time position, and creating another opening for an additional Victim Advocate.

HC:  Those all sound like great ideas! What noticeable differences can our students expect next year?

AJ:  Next year students will be apart of Mayfest, a music festival that will be able highlight more genres and create a great atmosphere on campus.

HC:  Yes! We can’t wait for that. So, you’ve definitely inspired us, and hopefully will inspire many women across campus. Has anyone in particular inspired you to be so ambitious?

AJ:  My mom has always inspired me to push myself beyond what I think I can do. I have also managed to naturally be around ambitious women who pursue leadership positions, internships, and more.


HC:  How do you manage to do all that you do?

AJ:  Time management and goal setting! It’s a skill that has been crucial in making everything possible. I also have a great support system on and off campus through friends, family, staff, and faculty.

HC:  What advice can you give to our readers who want to be more involved on campus?

AJ:  The best advice I can give is to go into any office and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to get to know the people in the office. They have great amount of knowledge about what your role in their organization could be. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

AJ:  I would like to pursue a graduate program in Public Relations and Corporate Communication.

We have no doubt that whatever Ambra sets her mind to she will achieve! Next year is shaping up to be a very exciting semester with some amazing people in leadership. We at here at Her Campus Utah are so proud to be acquainted with such an ambitious and fun girl like Ambra. We definitely encourage all of our readers to get involved on campus and see how many doors open up!

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