Aluminum Free Deodorants You 100% Should Switch To

For years, I used the standard deodorant off of the drug-store shelf. I thought nothing of it. These deodorants combated any smell and lasted throughout the day. So not bad, right? Wrong. Turns out these deodorants work by using an ingredient called Aluminum. Aluminum works by blocking your sweat glands, and when I learned this I knew that couldn’t be a good thing. Your sweat glands are important because sweating helps your body regulate temperature and helps release toxins. On top of all this sweat doesn’t actually smell, it’s the bacteria eating the sweat that releases an odor; So, no need for dangerous aluminum. I searched for the perfect deodorants to try and definitely found some duds but also have collected a few that I swear by and love. Here are the ones you should try:

  1. 1. Kopari 

    I was actually shopping for Kopari’s makeup remover when I stumbled across this first deodorant. I was drawn in because of the natural ingredients and coconut scent. Upon the first few uses I instantly fell in love with it. It’s coconut oil base leaves underarms feeling hydrated and also don’t leave any markings on clothing. This deodorant is also vegan, gluten-free, and free of any nasty chemicals you wouldn’t want on your skin. Added bonus is that Kopari is baking soda free meaning no unpleasant rashes some other natural deodorants can create (trust me when I say painful). This deodorant has lasted me through many hot Utah summers and even super humid vacations. I definitely cannot recommend Kopari enough. You can get it here

  2. 2. Myro 

    Myro deodorant is another great choice, that can also boast about being aluminum free, talc free and free of phthalates and parabens. I discovered this gem when I was looking into ways to produce less waste in my life. How did this help? Myro features a refillable container meaning there is less plastic in every purchase and the packaging used can be recycled. The refillable cases are sleek and come in super cute colors. This deodorant also comes in 5 unique scents, my favorite being Pillow Talk (a blend of violet leaf, ylang-ylang, wild amyris). Myro also offers a subscription service, so you never have to remember to buy deodorant!  Check it out here.

  3. 3. Schmidt’s

    Schmidt’s deodorant is one of the first natural brands I tried that actually worked! Along with the others on this list this brand is also aluminum free and derived from natural ingredients. Schmidt’s uses a magnesium base to keep smells at bay. They have the most scent options out of any brand I’ve tried, with scents ranging from Coconut Pineapple (smells like a Starburst) to a more traditional fresh scent. Their deodorants also come in three different formulas: a traditional stick with baking soda as the main scent fighter, a stick for sensitive skin (no baking soda) and a version in a jar (which is great if you are trying to reduce plastic). You can shop it here.  Also check out their recent collab with Justin Bieber here

There are many other natural deodorants to try and plenty more I plan on trying. A tip I’ve learned when switching to a natural deodorant is to thoroughly cleanse your armpits. Also, consider a detox mask to remove the aluminum locked in your pores. To make this detox mask I use the Aztec Secret Clay mixed in with apple cider vinegar to make a paste and leave on for about 20 minutes. Doing this mask will help clarify your pits before the switch to the natural deodorants. Have fun trying my aluminum deodorant picks!