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Alpha Chi Omega’s Newly Elected President: Lauren Cordova

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

‘Tis the season!… for new leadership in our Greek community! New executive boards were just elected in each house across the row including Chapter Presidents. We had the opportunity to chat with the new President for each Panhellenic house, and get their take on how they feel about their upcoming position. The first new President is Lauren Cordova from Alpha Chi Omega! Lauren is a junior here at the U and double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Gender Studies. She is so excited for her year of being President and plans to continue helping Alpha Chi Omega to Seek The Heights! And because of newly-claimed presidency, Her Campus Utah couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview her!

Why did you first decide to run for President of Alpha Chi Omega?

After joining Alpha Chi and experiencing the 1am Taco Bell runs, the ever-present glitter, living with twenty women, and the All Night Longer dance parties, I know that this is where I belong, and this where I thrive! I have been fortunate to experience a handful strong leaders in this chapter, and watching them bring impactful changes to our chapter ultimately, spearheaded my decision to run for President of Alpha Chi Omega. I am committed to the success of Beta Nu, and want to continue the hard work that women before me have put into it!


What is your biggest goal you hope to achieve or bring to your chapter this year?

My greatest goal for Alpha Chi Omega is to continue building upon the successes we are currently achieving, and work diligently to improve upon areas we fall short. I will turn to the voices of each chapter member to identify our strengths and weaknesses, utilize my executive board to create plans of action to address what we’ve identified, and do everything in my power to ensure that our goals are met!


What are you most excited about for your Presidency?

I am most excited to work alongside the leaders in our Greek community! Each President has so much to offer and I can’t wait for the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, trade advice, and work on the betterment of our chapters together.


What do you think your biggest challenges will be this year?W

The biggest challenge I anticipate I’ll face this year is more of a personal one. Being at the center of conflict pains me, especially among my sisters. I know that when making tough decisions about how to best benefit our chapter, it will be difficult for my executive board and I to please everyone. I am sure there will be decisions made that not every member agrees with. While it will surely be difficult to see these conflicts arise, I am dedicated to keeping an open mind, full heart, and listening ear when such problems do come to my attention.


How do you feel you are prepared to take on this job?

Since joining Alpha Chi, I have served on six different committees between the Beta Nu chapter and Panhellenic Council. Each position challenged me in its own way and has prepared me to be president, especially serving on  Alpha Chi’s Executive Board and on Panhellenic’s Judicial Board. As a Risk Manager, I improved the ways in which I work as a team, perfected the balance between being a friend and doing my job, and found the most effective ways to meet the needs of our chapter. As a representative on Panhellenic’s Judicial Board, I expanded my relationships within the Greek Community, developed strong communication skills, and identified the strengths of our chapter. In these positions I experienced the power of confidentiality, leadership, forgiveness, and sisterhood, all of which I will harness when making decisions for my chapter!


What change do you want to create in the Panhellenic community as a whole through being President for Alpha Chi Omega?

I would love to facilitate a stronger sense of unity in the Panhellenic community outside of primary recruitment! We are Panhellenic sisters 365 days out of the year, not just the few weeks leading up to recruitment weekend. Alpha Chi Omega has worked hard over the last year to plan dinner swaps and sisterhoods with other chapters on the row, and I would love to further this initiative during my Presidency. Our community is made up of talented, intelligent women. I want nothing more than to get to know my Panhellenic sisters on a more personal level and foster relationships beyond the quick ‘hello’ in passing to chapter meetings!


How do you feel about your “team” or executive board, and how do you plan to work alongside with them to help promote change throughout your chapter and in the Greek community?

I could not be more excited to work alongside the members of my executive board! I have members from each New Member Class, giving a diverse group of ideas and opinions that I am eager to explore. Through direct and open communication, compassion for sisterhood, and strong attention to detail, I know that this executive board can influence healthy changes within Alpha Chi Omega and make a positive impact in the Greek community.


We can’t wait to see how you take on this position! Good luck Lauren!

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor