Alison Bischoff: Ballroom Dance Company

Alison Bischoff is an architecture major, an Alpha Phi, and the president of the Ballroom Dance Company. Alison is incredibly talented and a strong leader on campus. In only her third year at the University of Utah, Alison has held over five leadership positions within three different organizations.

Alison joined Alpha Phi because she wanted the University of Utah to feel more like a home. She moved from Massachusetts to Utah because of the Ballroom Dance program, and was living on her own. However, after she joined Greek Life, Alison found her home-away-from-home at the U.

Through the Panhellenic Community, Alison made a lot more connections on-campus, she was able to turn this University into her home. Alison said that “being able to walk around campus and see a few familiar faces. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and leadership skills through positions, knowing that I could move tomorrow and have a chapter in almost any state is so comforting.”

Alison is currently serving her second term as president of the Ballroom Dance Company and starting to compete this semester. Through her involvement with the Ballroom Dance Company, Alison learned a lot about her leadership style and capabilities.

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