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Aligning your Chakra Crown

In honor of a new moon last week (March 24th, 2020), I decided to take the time to educate, you the reader,  what chakras are and how they help me navigate my problems. I wanted to write this in the hopes that it will then inspire one to navigate their journey with a little guidance, which is not only limited to taking yoga. 

A little groundwork as to what chakras are, but first a question, every you ever went on a date, or perhaps a new space and just felt awkward, timid energy, but couldn’t necessarily understand why? This situation is kind of like chakras because they serve as our energetic bodies. But as we all know, sometimes we feel out of sorts whereas other times we feel fresh and in the flow of things. However, chakras aren’t that simple because there is a total of 7 that each has different motives. 

Starting at the top of your head is one’s crown enlightenment which takes the shade of purple. This chakra, when balanced, does a good job at heightening one to more universal awareness, imbalanced of overactive one can feel egotistical or isolated. Moving down your body, bring awareness to where your third eye is, this is intuition which takes the shade of indigo and is in control of whether or not you are doing your own decision making. In case you decide to voice any of these phenomena you’ve discovered for yourself, you have your throat chakra to thank because it is in charge of communication, which is great if you are experiencing relief in your job, art, studies, etc. But as one knows, those aren’t always great which can then turn into lashing out and blocked. But what are enlightenment, intuition, and communication without our heart either helping or getting in the way? This chakra takes the shade of green and can allow one lead life with an open heart and embrace intimacy, or distrust, jealousy and a grade a rom-com meltdown. Continuing our path through the body is the solar plexus, yellow,  controller of power and will which is tune when you are feeling like fire and confidence! But I’m sure Lizzo even has her off days where she felt small and powerless. The second to last one is your sacral chakra which is orange and in control of creativity and sexuality, the perfect two if you are just starting college! When this one is lined up intimacy and inspiration are easily drawn, but since relationships are hard and scary for most people, this can allow our chakra to be out of whack and cause us to feel shame or rage. But all of this would go crazy without a chakra that helps us feel grounded, this is our root chakra. When this is in tune you feel safe and secure but when it’s out of tune depression and anxiety can kick in.  a pink neon Max van den Oetelaar | Unsplash

But Emma, how do I know if my chakras are inline or not? Easy yoga. I’m kidding there are other ways to find out if yoga is not your thing. If you are a visual learner like me you can go have a chakra test done where you stand in front of a camera, your hand in a scanner and someone to interpret your results to you. When doing this you not only see which chakras need work, but you also see how it interacts with your overall space and brain. For a personal example, when I got mine done my aura was green with hints of blue on the outside, this hint of blue represented judgment from relationships that were trying to cloud my headspace. Which was both scary, but helpful to hear since I am a mad overthinker, come to find out that I am. See my brain controlled 45% of my being whereas my body was only 25% and soul 20%. So you see, chakras intertwined with your situations are not meant to make you feel like something is wrong, simply imbalanced.  

To get your start off balancing your energetic body I recommend the following: 

  • Golden Braid Books in downtown Salt Lake (that’s where I got my reading). 

  • If you’ve been dying to try yoga, go for it! I know a few studio chains let you try it for free. 

  • Lastly, this book is both funny, helpful and creative and it's at Target, so how can it not be great?

  • Happy balancing!