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Alexis Jessop ’15

Major/Year: Psychology, Nutrition minor/sophomore

School involvement: LEAP program, bennion center america reeds tutor, school activites such as crimson nights, etc.

Hobbies: Running, painting, reading

Relationship Status: single

Favorite Place at the U: booths in library (great for people-watching)

Favorite part of the U/college: the independence! It is SO nice to have control over my schedule!

Best date: I went to a hole-in-the-wall thai place, modern dance performance, and lit a chinese fire lantern afterwards

Worst date: 7 hours long!! It was fun when we went to a jazz vs. lakers game, but it got annoying when we went to his house, watched a movie, and I didn’t get home until 1. This was a first date, too, and i didn’t like him that much.

What’s your passion? Helping people and art.

And funny memories? I have so many with people and friends…too many to count. A funny academic memory was when me and three other PAs popped up in Dr. O’s window and freaked her out during a class. 

Jetta is a fun and spunky communication student at the University of Utah. She has a lot of energy and an outgoing personality- perfect for her work in service coordination, peer advising, the Department of Communication, Express, and of course HerCampus! Jetta loves social media, writing, and learning new promotion and advertising skills. She does not currently drive a Jetta, but hopefully she can afford one upon completion of her degree!
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