Alek & TyDi Work Off Sundance Film Fest Hangover at Park City Live

On Friday, February 3, Alek Damyanov, Bulgarian Trance DJ, and Tyson Illingworth, Australian electronic producer, brought the ultimate experience in trance music at Park City Live. The vibes and energy that were given were diverse and different, but were definitely enjoyable with the crowd! 

I personally got to enjoy the trance backstage while my good friend, Alek Damyanov, opened up for TyDi! There were lots of various beats and sounds that came along with his set - from his beginning minutes of trance to some mainstream accents, it was a wonderful opening for the night!

Alek is changing the world, one listener at a time! His sets usually range from driving dark trance and house to higher energy and even a touch of big room. This is going to get interesting!

Born and raised in Pleven, Bulgaria, Alek Damyanov had a strong pull toward music. From a young child, Alek was fascinated with artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Ennio Morricone, listening to their albums for hours on end. While enjoying many genres and various types of music, it wasn't until he was about thirteen-years-old when he discovered the 4x4 dance beat and was immediately pulled toward dance music with artists like music instructor, Bomfunk Mc's, Benni Benassi and more. 

When he was fifteen-years-old, Alek had to relocate from Bulgaria to the U.S. It was not an easy transition and most of all a big culture shock. There was one constant in his life and that was music. Discovering his passion for trance music did not really come until he was about eighteen-years-old with artists like Tiesto, Paul van Dyk & Cosmic Gate. 

With Alek getting a taste for what's to come, he is aiming to spread his love for melodic and uplifting trance music with the rest of the world, making it his life goal to DJ in every continent of the world and every dance floor where people are willing to dance. He definitely made that goal come true at Park City Live! 

Looking down at the audience from the balcony, I saw almost every single person move their body in some way. The love was definitely spreading throughout the venue during the entire set - trance to mainstream and a little bit of house! One of the best performances I have ever witnessed!

You can follow Alek's surroundings and gigs on his Facebook!

TyDi laid down his set as headliner and it was one of the most thrilling shows I have ever experienced! Being a conservatory trained composer, producer, IDMA award winner, and 2x voted Australia’s #1 DJ, you better believe you missed out on a great night if you were not there!

Tyson Illingsworth, aka. TyDI, is an EDM DJ originally from Queensland, Australia. He was first discovered when he was signed by Armin van Buuren’s label at seventeen-years-old. Ever since then, he has been making big time shows happen across the U.S.

Out of all the shows I have attended at Park City Live, TyDi’s set was one of the best shows I have witnessed. There was never a dull moment where the crowd was not moving because his beats were always on point at the right time. What was really nice about this set was that no “mainstream” songs were played; every song was either a trance tune or a house song. Well done!

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If you ever get a chance to see TyDi live, GO DO IT! His show definitely changed my thoughts on trance and psychedelic beats, in a positive turn! Park City Live definitely did an excellent job in providing great acoustics for such wonderful music. 

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