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Albums I’m Still Not Over

Some songs you hear on the radio are great, but when you check out the rest of the album the songs fall flat. Some songs you listen to are great... for about a month, until they become over played and you quickly change the radio when they come on. Sometimes you not only find a great song, but an amazing album behind it and can listen to it over and over. If you're looking for albums where every song is just as good as the one on the radio look no further. I've compiled a list of albums where every single song is just as strong as the popular ones that you can listen to over and over again.


The Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack

This album is your childhood. If you didn't love this movie as a kid you probably had bad taste. Lizzie McGuire led the ultimate life by posing as an international pop star on a school trip to Italy. This album will bring you back to a simpler time in life. It's impossible to listen to What Dreams Are Made Of and not sing along.


The Lumineers have a relaxing and chilling tone to most of their songs. This album is filled with songs fit for every mood. Whether you're feeling emotional, in a great mood, or just want some easy listening, this album has a song for you.

Dirty Dancing Soundtrack 

As one of the greatest movies of all time, it is no surprise that it comes paired with one of the greatest albums of all time. The music is nostalgic and fun to listen to, and it's impossible to not want to watch this classic after the album is played through.

Moulin Rouge

Favorite album of all time, hands down. That is probably because this is my favorite movie of all time hands down...but still. This album offers amazing vocals from some very talented singers. It also incorporates a lot of popular songs reimagined for the movie. This album is so fun to listen to and will make you believe in true love.

LaLa Land

I not only love musicals, but I love simple instrumental songs as well. This album is complete with both and will make you want to learn how to play the piano just like Ryan Gosling. La La Land will light a love for Jazz deep in your soul. You may find yourself dancing around your kitchen cooking dinner to this album.

Badlands (Deluxe)

Halsey is a lyrical genius. Each and every song on this album has a poetic feel to it. They are empowering to listen to. I feel strong when I sing along to this album, which is kind of an amazing feat for an album to accomplish.  Halsey is my girl power dream come true.

Lungs (Deluxe)

Florence + The Machine has always had amazing vocals, beats, lyrics, etc. They are a truly talented group of people. This album stands out from the rest due to the use of the harp. It is not often that you hear the harp in songs, and the magic it brings to the music alters the way each song sounds. Listening to this album will give you a surreal audio experience.

The Human Condition

Jon Bellion is a true artist. All of the songs on this album have complex and interesting lyrics, so when you listen to it make sure you pay attention to the words. Not only are the lyrics interesting but the songs have positive messages and beats. It is impossible to not be in a good mood while listening to this album.

Death of a Bachelor

Okay, Panic! at the Disco completely SLAYS this album. The vocals are out of this world and all of the songs have interesting stories to tell. Listen to this album when you have a lot of energy, are getting ready for a night out, or just want to relive the butterflies this band gave you in middle school.

Don't You

This is the band Wet's debut album. The vocals are so calming and easy to listen to, and the beats are complex but still catchy. This album is perfect to listen to on a relaxing rainy day.


Hopefully you found some new albums to listen to the whole way through! 

I have a deep love for mermaids, pitbulls, swearing, and all things involving food.  Shania Twain is my spirit animal and I'm a converted Belieber.
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