Advice I Wish I could Give My Past Self

There are a lot of moments that collegiettes can look back on and think "I wish I had said this" or "I wish I hadn't said that." There are a lot of moments when you can think of things you should have done or things you shouldn't have done but this is the advice that every collegiette truly wishes they could go back in time and tell her younger self.

You’re To Young To Compromise.

This can be a tough one and easier said than done, but stay strong! No matter for who or what this applies in your life, remember that you have so much time ahead of you to make mistakes, fall in and out of love, and find yourself. Never settle because you think this is as good as it going to get, because trust me, there is so much unknown out there! Ultimately, I would go back and tell myself that the best is yet to come so be patient.

Everything Happens for Reason.

As cliché as the saying is, tons of shitty things will happen to you. When you are in the moment, it becomes hard to understand why trials in your life are occurring and it seems like everything is crashing down all at once. Look for the bigger picture and find what that is, because everyone’s path differs. Accept the hardships that life throws at you no matter how painful they are because those are what will inevitably shape the person you will become.

Try Hard.

STOP BEING LAZY! You have more potenetial then you realize, so use it. Whether you decide to be a Wendy’s worker, or a CEO for a big company, be the best damn worker in your field! It doesn't matter what you do, what matters is how hard you work for it. So with that being said, strive to do things that make you happy! Put your heart into everything you do and good things will come your way.

·Hard Times Will Come.

These times are hard but you will find your happiness soon. Accept your trials and grow from them. These times can see neverending, as if you're stuck in a place or a time in your life that won't end, no matter what you do or try to do. These times will happen, you will grow, then, they will happen again. It's okay, this is part of life. In many cases, the hard parts are the parts that are molding you for the good parts. 

Take Pictures of The Little Stuff

This might seem like a hassle at times but take tons of pictures! Take pictures of your slightly drunk best friends on your way home from that party, or of your mother in the kitchen. Capture the leaves as they hit the ground, or the snow when it sticks to the trees. Life is too short to not document it and you will want to remember the small moments.

Travel Explore

Adventure is out there! So explore as much as you can! Whether it be going on hikes over the summer, or taking a road trip to a different state, take as much time outside to experience new things. Traveling is amazing but sometimes people don’t always have the means to travel so don’t feel pressured to go far. The point is to try new things as often as you can even if that means exploring your own city.

Stay True to Yourself

You are who you are for a beautiful reason so never apologize for that! Don’t worry so much about following the norm and DO YOU. Whatever that may be, follow the path you feel was set out for you. And if you want to create your own path then hell, do it! In the end, no one is going to save you but you. And finally, thinking you know yourself and then losing yourself completely, and then finding yourself again, will be one of the hardest, most terrifying, yet intriguing journeys you will take in your life. I know, that sounds confusing but I promise in the end it will all be worth it.