Accessorizing: Why A Silk Scarf Is Essential In Your Wardrobe

For the majority of my life, I’ve avoided all types of scarves because I never thought they were for me. Well, turns out I was wrong, and you probably are too if you're thinking the same way. Silk scarves are making a major comeback, and I knew I had to try them for myself after seeing so many Instagram bloggers raving about them. Not only are they cute and add a pop to your outfit, they are also very easy to style. Whether you want to change up a hairstyle or add some color to your monochromatic outfit, a silk scarf is the answer.

First of all, silk scarves seriously look good with any hairstyle. I tend to do a high pony or a half-up/half-down look when using a scarf, and I really choose the color and style of the fabric depending on my outfit. With the high pony, I add some beach wave spray to my hair to add some texture, and after it’s dried, I pull it up to where it’s comfortable and tie the scarf around it. The best part is that it adds extra volume! With the half-up/half-down hairstyle, the only extra step I add is that I take some strands of hair out to frame my face. Some stores even make it easier by selling scrunchy-like scarves, making them easier to tie. 

If you’re planning on dressing simple and casual but need an accessory to make it pop, I suggest using a scarf and tying it around your neck. There are so many different knots that can be used for any occasion or outfit. My favorite is a simple knot, either loose or tight; it just depends on preference and what I’m feeling that day.

Silk scarves are such a huge trend this year because of how versatile they are! Who would’ve thought that scarves could be used to accessorize a cute pair of pants or a skirt? Definitely not me a year ago! You can either tie the scarf around one of the front belt loops in a simple knot or go a little extra and use the entire scarf in place of a belt.

Last but not least, scarves can also take your purses or backpacks to the next level. If you only own neutral colored purses like me, this tip makes it super easy to pair them with any outfit. I especially love choosing vibrant and pretty prints or designs to tie onto the clasp of the zipper or even the handle. It’s also convenient if you have a hair emergency and need to put your hair up.

I’ve been embracing this trend since the beginning of summer and I wish I had started sooner. This piece of fabric changes an outfit for the better, showing a different side of you if you don’t usually accessorize. I recommend everyone get on this trend because I do not see it ending anytime soon! 

If you’re having trouble looking for some cute scarves, check out Cotton On, H&M, and Nordstrom. All three of these brands have a wide selection of scarves and vary in prices, ranging from affordable to higher end!

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