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9 Winter Date Ideas

It can be hard coming up with fun date ideas with your significant other or crush that you have never done before. It is especially hard in the winter when it gets freezing and all you want to do is stay in and get a blanket. And that is totally fine sometimes, but we can’t hibernate our winter away. Here are some date ideas that will make you want to get out there and actually enjoy some winter activities with your special someone.


Get all bundled and head up to the mountains for some sledding. You can go up to places like Snowbasin or Park City. You two can also bring your own sleds and go off on your own to find the best private hills for prime sledding.


Christmas Lights 

Grab some hot chocolate and find the best Christmas lights. Be sure to check out Temple Square and Zoo lights in Salt Lake City. You can also go to the Christmas Village in Ogden.

 Build a Snowman

Release your inner kid that has been dying to get out. Put on some snow-pants and mittens, head to a park, and see who can build a better snowman. You can also build your own forts and have a snowball fight!

     Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Have a contest to see who can make the best or funniest house. Bonus: you can even eat them once you’re done!   

Dinner For Two

Find or make your favorite comfort food recipe for cold winter evenings. Making dinner together is a great way to bond and see how you guys work together. You can also find a great cider cocktail or mocktail to compliment your meal!


Even if neither of you are very good, this is still a super fun date. You can help eachother and lean on eachother for support, literally!

 Indoor Picnic

Light the fireplace, lay out a blanket, and have your dinner in a picnic basket. This is a cute and romantic way to spend your night. You can also have Christmas movies playing in the background or even your favorite music. You can also combine this idea with the dinner for two!

    Go To a Show

There is something so festive and fun about dressing up in the winter.  Find a play or opera playing in your city and dress up! We all could use a little more culture in our lives right?

  Dessert Date

Go to a place and only get dessert.  Places like Gourmandise in Salt Lake is perfect for this. If you can, try to go to a bakery so you can get a bunch of little desserts to try. This switches it up from the same old dinner date. 

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