9 Thoughts While Being Home For Thanksgiving Told By Rick & Morty

Going home for Thanksgiving can be one of the greatest feelings in the world. You get to experience home life, along with eating the best food of the year that your family cooks, and don't forget on all the sleep you get to catch up on!

Here are some aspects of going home for Thanksgiving break that we can relate to, told by Rick & Morty. 


As you’re traveling back home, you’re thinking about the smell of your bed, the thought of stuffing your face full of mom’s mashed potatoes while simultaneously hugging your dog.


Once you actually arrive in your hometown, you see someone from your high school that you absolutely hate. 


You arrive at home and you see your entire family for the first time in a few months.


But then you all sit down and your family keeps asking how school is going and if you finally have a boyfriend.


But after getting through the family questions, you get to experience Mom’s sausage stuffing. 


After Thanksgiving dinner, you finally get to see your hometown friends and do the same old sh** y’all did in grade school. 


Meanwhile, you’re getting used to all the warm necessities you were given when you used to live at home. 


But when you go back out in your hometown, your parents give you this thing called a “curfew”. 


However, when you have to go back to college for finals, you wish you could stay at home forever. 


Going home for the holidays is always the same no matter who you are, and no show can describe your everyday feelings better than Rick and Morty.