9 Signs You're Just Having Sex, Not Making Love

So you’ve found yourself in a complicated, more than friends, but less than love situation. The sex is great. It reaches the itch you can’t scratch yourself. And “don’t worry,” you kindly reassure your friends, “it’s not just a friends with benefits situation”…or maybe it is (just a little bit). But who knows, maybe it could turn into love? Maybe there are feelings. Maybe this isn’t just two people trying to get off. But who’s to say? Well, here are nine signs you’re ~definitely~ not making love.


1. You want them to leave as soon as it’s over. Or worse, they are always finding an excuse to leave early, and skip out on the post-sex cuddle session.

2. They never bother to ask if you've finished or not. And when they do care about your orgasm, they only dedicate about two-and-a-half minutes, then give up. 

3. When you kiss them you feel nothing (yep NOTHING). And when you two do end up kissing (just kissing), you start thinking about other things: like grocery shopping and the homework that's due on Monday. 

4. You get excited just thinking about falling in love with someone else (or sleeping with someone else that *might* just come along) 

5. You have nothing to talk about once the rush of sexual tension subsides. You search for small talk, but end up just making-out to fill the dead air. 

6. You never bring them up to your friends. But when you do, you settle for the simple (but to the point) answer of: "the sex is really great," and end it there. 

7. You make absolutely certain that everyone knows you're JUST friends, emphasis on the "just." You'll even introduce them as your "pal" or "buddy" just to make a point. Him? My boyfriend? No never, we're JUST friends. 

8. Seeing them is not something you ~super~ look forward to. Sure, if you're bored, you'll call them up. But when you're driving to their place for a late night hookup, there isn't that butterfly, "can't get enough of you" feeling. It's essentially the equivalent of driving to McDonalds to pick up some McNuggets (and even then, the McDonalds might be more exciting). 

9. When you two finally say goodbye after a good round of hot, heavy, and dirty sex, you don't miss them at all. In fact, you're happy that you get to have the whole bed to yourself, without having to listen to someone's snoring. See ya never (or at least until I feel horny again). 

So before you try and pass off your "friends with benefits" as your long-lost love. Remember, that you don't actually love them. You just love good sex. 

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