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8 Ways to Stay Organized Throughout the Semester

1.  Use a planner: If you don’t have one already, you need to buy a planner that will keep you organized. Lily Pulitzer and Rifle Paper Co have cute planners that make it easy to keep track of your busy schedule.  At the beginning of each semester write down due dates and events that are already planned, then each week make sure you’re adding and checking the things you need to do.

2.  Color code: A good system to utilize is to color code assignments and due dates. Put social events in a different color than school work, and write due dates for big assignments on the day before they are due. Highlighting exam days is a great way to show that it’s more important than some of the other assignments.  

3.  Keep everything in its place; if you take it out put it back: This is important for staying organized because it ensures you will always know where your things are. If you keep your headphones in the small pocket of your backpack, ALWAYS keep them in the small pocket of your backpack. This goes for pens, notebooks, and even your chapstick.

4.  Study in the same place every time: If you’re studying in the same place you sleep it’s going to be hard to stay awake when you’re studying, and the same goes for where you watch TV. You are most productive when you have a spot where you always study. If you don’t have a desk at home this can get difficult so try the library or a local coffee shop!

5.  Have a set amount of time you’re going to work for, then stick to it: It’s easiest to work when you have a time goal to meet. Working for 20 minutes straight and then taking a short break is a good way to ensure you’re maximizing productivity.

6.  Prepare for your days the night before. If you have an exam, make sure you have everything you need (pens, pencils, calculator) packed and ready to go the night before. This also goes for just regular days as well. Pack all your supplies the night before and it will make your next day easier when you aren’t worried about it last minute.

7.  Declutter: Its always a good idea to take a little time each day to declutter. Clean the trash out of your backpack, throw away papers you don’t need.

8.  Have a positive attitude: School is always going to be stressful; it’s a given. How your react to that stress will make or break your semester. If every time you get stressed about how much you have to do you break down with anxiety attacks you will end up being less productive than you could have been. Having a “go-getter” attitude will keep you positive and productive.


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