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8 Ways to Boost Your Creativity in Salt Lake City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Finals week is approaching, and so are those finals week blues. Though your 1050 homework is stacking up, and you’re already an hour behind studying for anthropology, everyone could use some good old fashioned art-therapy. And whether you just need a break from those three hour study sessions, or you really want to get your creative-hipster juices flowing, these places will put you in the artsy mindset in the blink of an eye (and a sip of some delicious coffee). 

Visit a Color-Me-Mine

Color-Me-Mine is a paint-your-own ceramics chain, where you can choose from a variety of mugs, bowls, plates, and figurines, and get to painting in no time. The sky’s the limit, and no one is too inexperienced to enjoy the fun. This is a great one for date night, or even a girl’s night out. So gather up your friends, and stop by a Color-Me-Mine location near you! (There’s even one on Foothill—just a short drive from campus).

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Have some extra time in between Writing 2020 and your Business class? Lucky for you, the U has a gallery right on campus! Take a trip to the UMFA in between classes, and stroll through the exhibits, or even stop and sketch between pieces. With your U-card, it’s completely free of charge, and an experience you’ll never forget.

Weller Book Works

If you’re in search of a good-bookstore with that rustic old-bookstore charm, then you’re in luck! Weller Book Works has a variety of new and used books, and even has one of those sliding ladders so you can fulfill your childhood dreams of being like Belle. Be sure to check out their 1 dollar book racks—you never know what diamonds in the rough you’ll find.

Golden Braid Books

Yet another bookstore that will leave you feeling like the artsy hipster you’ve always wanted to be. But this isn’t just any old bookstore, Golden Braid has an assortment of meditation guides, manuals on crystal work, and a variety of self-help books to channel your spirituality. Not only that, but Golden Braid has a great selection of incense, jewelry, crystals, tarot cards, and more! They even offer psychic and tarot card readings.

You know what I see in your future? You visiting Golden Braid Books at 151 S. 500 E.  

Broadway Centre Theatre

If you’re a movie-lover like me, Broadway Centre Theatre is sure to be your new favorite spot in the city. Here you can catch the headline-making blockbusters, or catch a film produced by the Salt Lake Film Society. This is the place of your indie-movie dreams.

Watchtower Café

Need a location for all of your poetry slam needs? Well this is the place for you. The non-profit Wasatch Wordsmiths hold readings here the second Thursday of every month. Check them out on Twitter @Wasatchwords and Instagram @Wasatchwordsmiths for more information, and more locations for poetry slams!

Keys on Main

Live music AND alcohol, what better combination is there? Keys on Main, Salt Lake’s Famous Piano Bar, is the perfect place for big events, like birthdays, bachelorette parties, girl’s nights, or even just date night. You can make reservations for an unforgettable experience at keysonmain.com

Sugarhouse Coffee

And when you just want to stop by for a quick cup of coffee, and some inspiration, check out their live jazz on Thursday nights. Not only is their drink selection incredible (try their Bulletproof Coffee), but they always have local art on display. It’s always changing, so every time you visit is like the first time! And after all, nothing says artsy college student like coffee, art, and live music. 

Salt Lake is a city full of hidden gems for all your creative needs. There’s a coffee shop around every corner (perfect for sketching, or writing the occasional poem), and so many art galleries to draw inspiration from. Be sure to check out these locations on your next Friday night, or even your next Wednesday afternoon. 

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