8 Timeless Style Lessons From Jackie Kennedy

In the 60s, America seemed to be at its most glamorous. With the Kennedy’s in the White House, preppy not only became popular again, but became the epitome of grace and class. This can all be attributed to Jackie Kennedy, who became such a big style icon that her name became code word for the lifestyle millions strived for. 

Thank you notes? Very Jackie Kennedy. Large sunglasses? Very Jackie Kennedy. An appreciation for art, literature, and music? Very Jackie Kennedy. As a First Lady, she pulled women out of the tight waists and the overstyled hairdos of the 50s and into pillbox hats and natural makeup.Read on for eight ways to comp her timeless style in 2019.  

1. Own a Good Pair of Sunglasses

Jackie is best known for her large sunglasses, which quickly became such a signature that they’re well-known as “Jackie O glasses”. It was rare to see Jackie without them, adding the perfect finishing touch to any look. Take inspiration from her and pair them with head scarves and shift dresses for a preppy look. 

2. Pearls Are Never a Bad Idea

While she didn’t wear much jewelry due to her extremely simple style, Jackie’s usage of pearls to accessorize was the perfect accent to her looks and personality. She wasn’t glitzy or glamorous, but instead graceful and poised. It’s good to know that her pearls were imitation, so there’s no need to break the bank!

Pair a simple one-strand pearl necklace with something as simple as denim jeans and a t-shirt for an instantly glamorous outfit that’s still casual. 

3. Less is More 

According to not only Jackie but also other fashion and style icons, keeping it simple is important. Kennedy's look was never busy or too cluttered, but instead portrayed a very important fashion message: you don't have to wear fancy, expensive clothing to be elegant. 

Elegance comes from within. Sticking to a streamlined wardrobe by wearing timeless and classic pieces will allow for you to show that with your clothing. Great accessories and tailored jackets dress up any look and allow for endless mixing and matching for any occasion. 

4. Signature Style Starts Early 

Creating a signature style is something that takes quite some time. Whether you're a Jackie and know exactly what it is that you feel comfortable in or you need to play around a bit with style to find what you like, there is not a right answer. To truly enjoy fashion and dressing yourself each and every morning, you should be putting on clothes that you feel your best in. 

If you're not sure on what you like, try different styles, watch YouTube videos, and read magazines and blogs. Find the life you envision yourself living and dress yourself for it. 

5. Black and White Can Go Anywhere 

Some of the most famous photographs of Jackie's classic style consist of her wearing only black or white many times. According to Jackie, if you're going to mix it up and wear both at the same time, you should stick to white on the bottom and black on top in order to avoid giving too much of a "waiter look". 

Looks like this are incredibly simple to recreate for yourself. Sticking with a black turtleneck and a pair of wide-legged white trousers will instantly have you looking like a Kennedy. 

6. The Right Fit Matters Most 

You know the feeling--you're walking around the mall and a piece catches your eye while you're shopping. It seems perfect on the rack, but once you try it on, it just feels off. 

When this happens, listen to yourself. One of the first things to think about when you're shopping is the fit of the clothing. No matter how great a piece is, it isn't going to look good if it doesn't fit well. Ever seen a guy wearing a suit jacket about three sizes too big? 

Try clothing on before buying them to test them out. Remember to sit, stand, walk around and raise your arms above your head to check if the clothing really does fit. 

7. Scarves Are A Girls Best Friend 

Scarves have been known to be one of Jackie's favorite accessories. She wore them as a headscarf or around her neck. 

Scarves are great because when worn on the head, they can hide your hair if you're having a particularly bad hair day. Or they can just make you feel like Jackie Kennedy driving down a Nantucket road in a convertible. When worn around the neck, they can provide a pop of color to a simple t-shirt or shift dress. 

The options here are endless -- don't be afraid to break out of your comfort zone. Scarves are easy to find and incredibly cheap, coming in all sizes, styles, colors and prints. At the very least, try tying them to your wrist, looping them around the handle of your handbag, or using them as ties on your favorite pair of heels! 

8. Shift Dresses Can Take You Anywhere 

Jackie Kennedy brought us Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses, and we couldn't thank her enough. The great things about this dress style is that it is suitable for all body types and sizes. 

They can be a bit overwhelming, as they have no shape. If this isn't your thing, find one that is a bit more tailored. Play with prints and colors.

Shift dresses do tend to be short, so make sure that the one you choose isn't too short when you sit down. The best clothing is the ones that you can actually live in. 

Be sure to try these tips to bring a little Jackie Kennedy into your everyday wardrobe. No matter what, always remember that elegance is a beauty that never fades.


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