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8 Reasons Why Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun Are Best Friend Goals

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph; if you've never heard their names you better immediately stop what you are doing and look them up. Seriously. You'll thank me later. Tyler is the lead singer of the two man band otherwise known as Twenty One Pilots and Josh is the drummer. There are few relationships more dynamic, spirited, sarcastic, and loving than theirs. Here's why they are the quintessential best friend goals:

1. They have a "secret" handshake and we all know the key to every thriving best friendship is a solid handshake; they've definetly got it down. 

2. They LITERALLY work out together.

 3. That time they gave each other tattoos on stage. I mean, nothing better represents true friendship than tattooing your name on the other person, right?

4. All those times they wore matching suits with each other.

5. The way Josh looks at Tyler.

and the way Tyler looks at Josh....

6. The fact that they went to Disney World together.

and took cute pictures.

Or when Tyler carries Josh because his legs are tired...

7. Not to mention their mutual love of delicious foods.

8. And lastly, all the times they have proven to be each other's biggest supporter.

Whether you're the occasional Twenty One Pilots listener or the person who has every lyric of every song memorized, I think we can agree on one thing; Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are the ultimate best friend goals.

Kaylee Ann Mortensen is a student at the University of Utah studying International Studies and English. In her free time she can be found reading, trying to master the language of french, looking up pictures of grizzly bears, and eating french fries.  
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