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8 General Classes You NEED this Spring Semester

As the end of Fall Semester draws near, we can all breathe a sigh of relief (or have a panic attack thinking about finals). With the end of the semester comes the time to register for classes for Spring, and I don’t know about you, but this always creeps up on me, and I have no idea which classes to choose. This set of decisions is only made worse when working through your general credits, and have such a plethora of options. I, a junior in college, and therefore a seasoned professional at registration, am here to help. Here are some classes at the University of Utah that are sure to make you excited to go to class, and take the edge off of harder classes specific to your major. 

1. The Study of Deviant Behavior, SOC 3560 

Professor: Teresa Martinez

Credit fulfilled: BF

This is my favorite class I have taken in undergrad. However, this class is not for the faint of heart. This course goes over behavior that is specific to people that display deviant or asocial behavior, such as serial killers, prostitutes, and domestic violence. The professor is so good, she has made it twice on this list. Along with being a total badass, in classes of more than 200 people, she has everyone’s names memorized the first day of class. What professor does that?! 

2. Diversity and Health, H EDU 5300

Professor: Jackie Farnsworth

Credit Fulfilled: Upper division Writing, Diversity

Even if you feel you are not interested in racial, gender, and other social stigmas in the health field, everyone should take this class. It will open your eyes to many issues in the health field, and will leave you feeling fired up, and ready to conquer the world.

3. Language of Color, ART 3010

Professor: Elizabeth Dewitte 

Credit Fulfilled: IR

This class won’t over complicate your schedule, and will have you excited to attend everyday. The course goes over the different uses of color in media and advertisement, and is very interesting. The professor is also so extremely sweet, and will make you feel like she is your second mother. I swear you could do the worst presentation possible in her class, and she would have nothing but good things to say. 

4. Intro to Children’s Literature

Professor: Jessica Starley 

Credit Fulfilled: Humanities

In this general elective course, you are assigned to read a children’s book or fable and then do a critical analysis every 1-2 weeks. How much fun is that?

5. Natural Disasters 

Professor: any

Credit Fulfilled: SF

In this course, you watch inaccurate depictions of natural disasters portrayed in movies and talk about it. A class you won’t have to stress too much about, and also have fun in. Sharknado, anyone? 

6. Dramatic Arts in Television, THEA 1040

Professor: any

Credit Fulfilled: FF

This course allows you to watch some of your favorite television shows and films, and analyze them! This is a great online course to take should you need a Fine Arts credit, and don’t have time in your schedule to go onto campus. I learned so much in this class, and also got my Netflix-and-chill in, what more could you ask for?

7. History of Rock and Roll, MUSC 2100 

Professor: any

Credit Fulfilled: FF

The numbers are typically high in this class, so you will always have study buddies! This course goes over the History of Rock and Rol,  and it is so fun learning about the different artists that created Rock n’ Roll into the genre we have today. 

8. Intro to Sociology, SOC 1010

Professor: Teresa Martinez

Credit Fulfilled: Humanities

Any course taught by Professor Martinez is great, but this one is especially fantastic. Learning about the general social habits of society and people within it, can sound boring, but Martinez makes the material so fun and engaging, you will gladly get yourself out of bed for it! 

Hopefully through this list, you can find some engaging and exciting classes to take this spring. Check your CIS to see when you are scheduled to register for classes, registration begins November 2nd!


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