8 of Cher's Best Tweets in August

Cher, the unstoppable superstar, when not being an incredible singer or actress, runs a phenomenal Twitter account. Cher's Twitter exists beyond normal functions of language and life itself. Cher tweets are in a dialect that is outside of anything ordinary. Each tweet, and all of their emojis, seem to carry a unique weight. I'd like to acknowledge that you cannot truly say any of Cher's tweets are "the best" because each and every one is a masterpiece in its own way. But here are compiled, __ of Cher's recent tweets that are just something spectacular. 

1. This cryptic toast-based message. 

Not sure what this means. She's toast? Is Cher in trouble? 

2. Cher departs.

Where is she going? Where is she leaving from? 

3. Cher gives an entire life philosophy in one tweet, emojis and all.

What is admirable here, is the way she begins as if simply telling us all about her day: that she had ice cream. She then derails to express the best way to live one's life. Before expressing she is on vacay? And then waving goodbye. There's a lot happening here. 

4. Ok...


5. Cher wants the best for you.

Cher is f*cking busy, okay? But Cher still took the time to hope for your happiness. I hope you're grateful.

6. Cher knows that black lives matter.

God bless Cher. 

7. When Cher ended Trump with a single tweet. 

She even attached the image, to drive her point home.

8. Okay, I don't know what's going on here, but...Ps, The Record Co Might Hear Us Talking!

The best I can understand here is that she's beginning a new romance and is giddy about it, but also concerned about the record company hearing their flirtation? No matter what, I'm happy for her.

BONUS JULY TWEET: Cher, a winner. 

Cher is the best thing on Twitter. That is all. Check her out.