7 Ways Growing Up a Fangirl Helps You in College

Thirty-five One Direction trading cards, three Justin Bieber concerts (four if Purpose had not died early), a life-sized Harry Styles cutout, complete knowledge of over nine albums, Hayes Grier’s face on a pillow, and Bieber holiday wrapping paper were mere accessories to my boy obsessed adolescence. I remember discovering the Jonas Brothers in elementary school and drawing their faces all over the inside of my (plastic) wooden desk in the second grade, setting my sleep timer repeatedly for eight months to One Direction’s Midnight Memories album, and having insta handles like @gabimbieber and @superherostyles like it was yesterday.

You see, fangirling was a lifestyle. It was my extracurricular. It took dedication, and I proudly called myself a Directioner, Belieber, and Magcon girl for years… okay, I still do, but whatever. I was an expert at real life updates of Larry Stylinson, Tumblr song leaks, pre-ordering albums, and everything that came with being an IRL fangirl during the 20-teens. Hours of my life were spent obsessing over boys that I’d never met. The point is, living a life that was focused on famous boys has had its perks. You learn skills that can be channeled into thriving in the college world. If you were ever a fangirl, check out these ways your years of obsession are helping you at university.

1. You know social media like the back of your hand

It takes skill to be able to keep up with at least seven boys' daily outfits, possible flings, and latest photoshoots. Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat— yah, we got you. In college, so many events and things on campus are advertised through social media. Plus, how will you know who that cutie is in one of your classes just by the unique pin on their backpacks without having the social media stalking skills of a former fangirl??

2. You can memorize everything and anything

It's quintessential to know every lyric of every song if you’re a Belieber or boy band fan. Memorizing lyrics was a constant pastime in my middle and high school years. This built up the mental capacity for me to remember almost anything after a couple rounds of quizlet. With so many scantron tests in college, memorization of terms and concepts are key. Your years of constant repetition of lyrics gives your mind a mental boost and the capacity to master memorization.

3. You know what you deserve

Move over dirty frat boys, we know what we deserve. You look out for the gems at your school, and avoid any boy that wouldn't treat you right. Just as Shawn Mendes says: “I know I can treat you better”.

4. You know how to budget

As a fangirl, budgeting was key. T-shirts, concerts, and merch ain’t cheap. You learned how to save money, and probably spend it, too. But hey, it taught you to save your extra cash to spend on things that make you happy. In college, saving money is usually a hot topic, and something you should pay some attention to.

5. You make friends easily

There's nothing like fangirling with your friends. Singing along at the top of your lungs with some pals was a staple growing up. You’re a pro at finding people who you have things in common with, and in college that’s the fastest way to find new friends.

6. You can hit a deadline

Midnight album drops, timing overseas interviews and performances, and organizing tour date releases have prepared you with the importance of dates and deadlines. Many nights of staying up late with a preordered album in your cart waiting for the clock to strike will give you a step up in college academia when assignments have strict and organized deadlines.

7. You have passion

You probably did pour your heart and soul into being a fangirl, and that’s awesome. Being passionate about something you love (whether it be music, One Direction, or Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle) is what makes you, you. In college, remembering your passions and what makes you unique is critical to moving away from home, and starting your own life.

So don’t be ashamed of the posters in the back of your closet, and embrace those years of awkward obsessive phases of fangirling in your early life. Embrace it!


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