7 Things People Really Excited for Fall Will Understand

Fall is generally a well-loved time of year, with the pretty colors, fun holidays, and refreshing change in weather, but some of us are a little overzealous about the seasonal change. Here’s a list of things you might recognize if you’re REALLY hyped for autumn:

1. You break out your sweaters way earlier than you should

…and then you sweat nearly to death. It’s not your fault that cold weather clothes are cuter and comfier! It’s hard to be patient when sweater weather is around the corner.

2. Pumpkin-spice EVERYTHING is a necessity

There’s no judgment here; pumpkin spice is popular for a reason – it tastes and smells amazing. Whether you’re eating it, drinking it, smelling it, or putting it on your body, pumpkin spice is essential for those ready for autumn.

3. You buy Halloween décor the minute it hits the shelves

For some of us, Halloween decorations end up being our year-round decorations, so it doesn’t matter how early we buy them!

4. You’ve already devoted time to this year’s Halloween costume

Since Halloween is the best time of the year, it makes sense that you would spend months preparing so that you can look the creepiest.

5. You’ve started drinking hot chocolate, even though the leaves haven’t even changed color yet

The urge to cuddle up next to a fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate is there even if it’s still warm outside.

6. You’ve already made a dent in Netflix’s horror film selection

It’s never too early to get in the Halloween spirit and distract yourself from your problems by scaring the pants off yourself.

7. You keep your house cold just so you can enjoy the feeling of being under tons of blankets

Getting cozy under a pile of blankets is one of the charms of colder weather, and it’s hard to wait for it to actually cool down outside, so why not just make your own home freezing at night?

While summer has its perks, that first taste of cold weather is truly the best time of year and it can’t come fast enough. Here’s to hoping summer ends soon!

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