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7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Septum Piercing

After discovering Soothingsista’s (Stephanie Villa) YouTube channel three years ago and seeing her septum piercing, I’ve wanted one. I loved the way it looked. Not once did I think people who had it “looked like a bull.” In my mind, a septum piercing was badass. I was very hesitant however. I asked friends who had one about it. I researched them online, to the point where I was even more hesitant. In the end, it was a rather spontaneous action. Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge!

1. Research, research, research!

If you’re hesitant like I was, do some research! Look for reputable piercers (I went to Enso Piercing + Adornment), quality of jewelry that suits you, and the process of the whole thing.


2. Pain

This plays a huge factor in most piercings (in my opinion). It is going to hurt if you have a low pain tolerance. Your piercer will find your “sweet spot,” the two thin flaps of skin, instead of the cartilage. Luckily for me, my sweet spot was easy enough to find and along with my relatively high pain tolerance, the piercing went smoothly. The initial feeling of the needle going through might make your eyes water, but what really hurt like a dagger for me, was the insertion of the jewelry. I would rate the pain a 4/10.


3. Aftercare

Whatever position you got it pierced in, LEAVE IT BE. Most people get pierced with either a horseshoe or retainer. You can either flip it up and leave it or have it flipped down and leave it. I bought a piercing aftercare spray that I would spray on either side if I felt it was too sore. I also did sea salt soaks two times a week for three weeks to clear out any crusties or boogies. There will be a soreness at the tip of your nose for about 2-3 weeks before it goes away. If you are going to handle your jewelry during the healing time, do have clean hands.

4. Healing Process

Healing is different for everyone. Your body might be speedy quick or sloth-like with patching up. Healing ranges anytime from 6-8 weeks. Personally, it took me three months to kind of heal, took it out for four hours, it closed, went to get it pierced again, and finally it took five months after that to completely heal. It was a… process.

5. Scarring?

What I love about my piercing is that it will not leave any noticeable scars. Since it is inside of your nose, no one will see the hole, no one will even know you had a septum piercing.


6. Family, Friends, and Judgment

This is a big one for some people. People with septum rings often get called “bulls” or “cows.” I have supportive friends so I’ve gotten no judgment from them. My family, however, absolutely hate my piercing. I just figure that everyone has a different sense of beauty. My septum piercing makes me feel better about my nose and if others don’t like it, it doesn’t affect me. Screw those hating on your totally badass piercing!

7. Jobs

The majority of companies out there do not allow facial piercings to be shown. The good thing about septum piercings is that you can just flip the jewelry into your nose. No more confrontations with your not cool boss.


I hope nothing above changed your mind about getting a septum piercing. If not, take the dunk, and show off some cute bling.

A girl studying Journalism at the University of Utah. When she is not writing, Nina enjoys novels, her cute dog, dancing in the air and buying excessive amounts of skincare that she doesn't need.