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7 Spooky (and College Budget-Friendly) Events in Salt Lake City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Looking something to swing yourself into the Spooky spirit this Halloween season, but tired of the endless haunted house suggestions? Here are some helpful (and budget-friendly) ideas!


1. Pumpkin Days at Wheeler Farm

This is a great event to take your younger siblings, nieces, or nephews along. Only $10 for admission, Wheeler Farm features pumpkin picking, a hay maze, a cow train, and a wagon ride through the woods along with farm animals and casual walks through the grounds. Plus, the natural fall aesthetic of the Farm is beyond instagram worthy.

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2. The Pumpkin Train in Heber Valley

Consisting of a 40 minute train ride, this event includes costumed characters on board for entertainment, a mini haunted house in the form of a train car, and a free pumpkin you can pick yourself at the pumpkin party. What’s better than a mountain train ride and fall air for oly $15?


3.  Garden After Dark at Red Butte Gardens

Love Halloween, but cannot seem to get off campus? Try the Red Butte Garden’s Halloween-time favorite, Garden After Dark! From October 18th-20th and the 25th-27th, the garden will be featuring a Harry Potter-like event called Oaklore Academy. The night is filled with treats, dance performances, storytelling, and crafts for only $11.

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4.  Night of the Running Dead

A 5k in Draper is bound to catch the attention of any fitness guy or goul. Participants can register for up to 3 different races as either the undead or alive. The humans are given a 2-minute start ahead of the zombies, and all hell breaks loose immediately following.


5.  The Witches at Gardner Village

A Utah classic, the witches at Gardner Village are scattered throughout the shopping center. You can go on a scavenger hunt to find every witch on the grounds as well as shop, dine, and stroll through the cobbled streets peppered with fall leaves in the village. The best part of this event- completely free!


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6. Witchstock in Ogden

On October 27th, join the Zombie crawl beginning at 6 at Union station, and walk with the undead. Following the dead procession, there will be a dance party to get your wicked moves out. Best part- it’s free as well!


7. Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove

Featuring classic fall activities such as a silo slide, a haunted hayride, and a corn maze, Hee Haw Farms is a great place to take your friends out. Tickets are only $9 and you can spend the whole day getting some fresh country air outside of Salt Lake.


Her Campus Utah hopes you have a spook-tacular Halloween season. Be sure to check out these college-student-friendly scares, that won’t terrify your bank account. 


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