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7 First Impressions Guys Have of Girls

Being confident means that you shouldn’t care what other people think about you, your style, or your little quirks.  But when you’re strutting down the sidewalks of campus, it’s hard not to wonder what people, especially guys, are thinking when you pass by.  Do they really notice our makeup, or just our overall look?  Take a look below for some of the first impressions guys have about our beauty choices and girly habits.  Now take notes and learn how to make your first impression count!

     1. Glasses.

Now some girls actually need glasses, but there has also been a trend in wearing glasses as just another fashion accessory.  Either way, Tom* says “I like it!”  So girls don’t worry if you think your glasses make you look nerdy because most guys surveyed thought it was cute or didn’t notice at all! 

     2. Dark lipstick.

I applaud the girls that are brave enough to rock a bold red lip at 10:00 a.m., but for some guys it can be a turnoff.  Dean* says, “Too much dark makeup in the day looks fake. Save it for the clubs.”  A good rule of thumb to stick: keep your makeup neutral, so you look fresh and not like you’re still wearing last night’s makeup!

     3. Smoking. 

We all know about the negative health effects smoking has on our bodies, but that’s not always what guys think about when they see a girl smoking.  Louis*, who is himself a smoker, thinks “It’s sexy.”  The consensus was that the male smokers were open to girls that smoked, but those that didn’t felt it was a turnoff.  If you are not a smoker, never start to just look sexy or cool.  And if you are a smoker, be sure to keep some mints in your backpack to offset the smell!

     4. Friendzone.

Most guys hate the dreaded word “friendzone” because it may apply to them. Alex* warned, “She might be saying something indirectly.  Beware!” This word can be useful if you want to let a guy down easy, but if you think you might ever be slightly interested in a guy ditch the word completely!  To guys, this word set things in stone, so to keep your options open avoid bringing it up.

     5. Work out clothes.

Most girls wear yoga pants when we don’t feel like getting all the way dressed, and lets face it, they are so comfortable!  You don’t need to be dressed up for a guy to notice you because workout gear shows off your assets more than a cute dress.  Sean* hearts when a girl is sporting yoga pants and is thinking, “Dat booty.”  If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right ladies? 

     6. Disney movies.

Disney movies become more important in a girl’s life when she’s in college than they were at age five.  We love singing along to the songs and laughing at all the adult jokes we never understood before.  Express your love for Disney at your own risk because while some guys thought it was cute, John* only thinks, “Ugh, if I date this girl I’ll have to be interested in this stuff too.”  So a word of caution, leave the Disney references and save it for girl’s night with friends. 

     7. Snapchat.

There’s always that one girl who does random snapchats during class.  Beware though because Mike* says, “[he] will definitely try to photobomb it.” Always put your best face forward because most guys do notice and think it’s just funny to watch! 

*Names have been changed.

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