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6 Ways to Unwind Over Spring Break

You’ve hardly done any actual work all semester, but it was still stressful! Thank God you have a week off to recharge. Sure, your vacation plans fell through, but now you have more time to yourself! Here are a few things you can do to maximize your week of freedom:

1. Stalk your ex on social media, just to see how much better you’re doing than them.

It turns out, they’re actually doing much better than you. They’re thriving without you. On the bright side, crying is a really great detox.

2. Stalk your current crush on social media.

Dammit, you were sure they would’ve broken up with their s/o by now. Two crying detoxes are better than one.

3. Hold a séance with your cats.

You’ve lost touch with your buddies from the other side during the busy semester, but no one will join you around the Ouija board. This is where your loyal furry friends come in.

4. Spend at least an hour a day clawing at every blemish on your skin until your flesh is raw and bleeding.

One of the skincare threads you read on twitter recommended this, right? Does this count as exfoliation?

5. Come up with a new identity you want to take on, then impulsively spend $1000 online building a wardrobe for your new personal brand.

You just need the essentials, then you’ll be done shopping. Besides, you spent enough to get free shipping, so you’re actually saving money. That’s definitely how it works.

6. Become consumed with the wellbeing of your Sims family that you spent upwards of 24 hours creating.

Just because you can’t live a lavish life with a fairytale romance doesn’t mean that the improved digital version of you can’t.

Spring break is your time to get caught up on everything you missed out on during the semester, so really use this week to lay around and waste your time the best you can. 

I'm a sophomore at the University of Utah majoring in Communications with a minor in Gender Studies. When I'm not studying or sleeping, I enjoy figure skating and listening to podcasts with my cat. 
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