6 Tricks Instagram Models Don't Want You To Know

There isn’t much in life that is worse for your self esteem than seeing someone you are super jealous of clock in hundreds (or thousands!) of likes on her Insta photos of her looking super fierce by a beach, or in her super gorg house, or with her hot bf… but what she doesn’t want you to know are the tricks she uses to get all those like (without buying followers!) So here are the six tricks to use on your own Instagram, and satisfy your superficial desire for likes.

  1. Comment on EVERYTHING. The notorious Instagram algorithm will reward you by bumping your posts onto people’s feeds for being active on your account prior to and after posting a picture. Before you post, scroll through your feed and leave comments on other people’s posts. My personal go-to is to interact with the brands I love, leaving feedback on my favorite products and styles. Check out a stunning page like @blissworld for the best face care you’ve ever seen and leave a few comments. Then check out all your fav gal’s pages and let them know just how good they look!
  2. Reply to Comments ASAP Another thing the algorithm will reward you for is replying to comments you receive on your pics. Even if it’s a simple heart emoji or a thank you, a quick response (usually within an hour) will boost your post’s prevalence.
  3. Presets! The trick of all tricks to getting your feed to look slick and coordinated is with presets. These are just distinctive filters that make your photos look phenomenal. Use an app like Litely and play around until you find a preset that matches your personal style and tastes.4. Check how everything looks with the Preview app!  Download Preview to test out how your pics will look side-by-side before you post them! This way you can see if your beach pics will look alright or not next to that selfie you took last night. It’s the best way to avoid posting regret.5. Post to your story often. Really, Instagram just boosts you for using the app. If you post fairly frequently to your story, you’ll get a boost in people’s feeds. Find fun ways to post about your day and give interesting updates that will keep your friends clicking.  6. Don't take it too seriously. At the end of the day, this should be fun. Getting frustrated and forlorn about your social media is a waste of time, stay genuine to who you are when you’re opening your apps and checking on likes. Follow people who make you happy, and if someone’s posts just make you feel bad about yourself, hit unfollow or mute them. Don't let Instagram drive you crazy, but do let it boost your ego. Good luck, enjoy posting! All images courtesy of giphy.com