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6 Tips to Help You Wake Up in the Morning

I think its safe to say that majority of us have a hard time getting up and at it in the morning. Our bed gets so much more comfier in the morning! The last thing we want to do is drag ourselves out of bed to get to that early morning class or get in our morning workout. Here are some ways that may make waking up seem just a little bit easier on you.

1. Keep a sweater or sweatshirt by your bed.

In the morning it tends to be extra chilly, which makes it harder for us to get out of our oh so comfy and warm bed! By having a sweatshirt within arms reach, you can quickly throw it on so you’ll still stay cozy that first step out of bed and when making your morning coffee or brushing your teeth.

2.  Hydrate. 

Our bodies don’t get any water in those several hours that we are sleeping. So, the night before fill a water bottle or glass and put it by your bed. This way you’ll have easy access in the morning when you wake up! Make sure you drink it all, just by doing that your body will feel more awake and rejuvenated.

3.  Plan ahead.

I’m going to sound like your mom, but she does know best. Set out your outfit the night before, sleep in your gym clothes, set a timer on your coffee maker, etc. Do what you can to cut down the time in your morning routine. That way you’ll get more time to sleep, because every second counts, right?

4.  Force yourself to get up.

Put your alarm clock across the room from where you’re sleeping. That way when it goes off in the morning you have no choice, but to get out of bed to turn it off. You can even buy yourself a Dumbbell Alarm Clock that won’t turn off until you do 30 reps! Either one you choose, you’ll thank yourself later. 

5.  Stretch.

I’m not saying you have to go through a whole yoga routine (I mean you can if you want to), but just stretch your arms above your head and touch your toes. Just quick simple stretches will help get your blood moving and your body in gear.

6.  Take a shower.

The water will help wake you up and give you a few more minutes of relaxing while still being productive. It’s a win-win! If you really don’t have the time to shower in the morning, then at least wash your face. This will help you feel refreshed in a quarter of the time. 

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